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IELTS SPEAKING TEST PART 2 | IELTS speaking part or module is not going to be an easy task as you have to speak according to what your IELTS Interviewer is expecting from you so you have to prepare it for multiple times.Speaking test part 2 is mid level test wherein Ielts examiner checks your abilities and it is counted major for Ielts speaking bands.

Unit 8, IELTS Speaking test model, part 2: Recording script
(CD 1, Track 22)

IELTS SPEAKING TEST PART 2 |The Examiner will introduce part 2 by saying:

Examiner: Now, I’m going to give you a topic and I’d like you to talk about it for one to two minutes. Before you talk, you’ll have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes if you wish. Do you understand?

Candidate: Yes, I do.

Then the Examiner will give you some paper and a pencil for making notes, and read the topic to you.

Examiner: I’d like you to describe a minor accident that you had in the past.

After your one minute preparation time, you will give your talk.

Candidate: When I was about seven, I was very ill after school and I was sent home from school and I was lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, watching TV, and I got bored and decided to go and ask my mum if she could go and find a game for me or a book or something else to do, and when I went into the kitchen, my mother was cooking. And so, as I sort of went behind her, I had no shoes on and she didn’t hear me coming, and she was making boiled potatoes, and as I got behind her she turned around with the boiled potatoes in the saucepan to take them to the sink and I was right behind her, so she hit me round the head with the saucepan of boiling water and it all spilled down onto my shoulder and splattered my face and went all over my shoulder and burnt me. But because she didn’t let go of the saucepan, she still had it in her hand, she didn’t realise that I was crying because I was burnt, she thought I was crying because she’d hit me and bumped my head, so she didn’t respond quickly enough, which made the whole thing worse. At the time, my dad was a plumber and of course that was before mobile phones were invented, so dad was out at work and mum didn’t drive, so I had to wait about seven hours on the sofa with a dressing on my shoulder for my dad to come home from work so that he could take me to hospital. My poor mum, bless her heart, must have been very worried and not known what to do, with not being able to drive, but I guess there wasn’t anything else she could do, she did as much as she could, bathed it in cold water, put a dry dressing on…

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Examiner: Thank you. Now, we’ve been talking about…


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