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IELTS SPEAKING QUESTIONS ANSWERS | To satisfy your Ielts speaking examiner is your first priority , how you understand questions and how you answer them ;it is very important to know .No matter if you are new to Ielts speaking preparation.You must have basic English grammar rules to accomplish this task by practicing given questions with answers.Note these answers given below for just taking ideas, you must have multiple options and multiple ways to answers these question.This can be possible by practicing a lot and with good and hard working friends.

Ielts Speaking Questions Answers Criteria

Should we use difficult vocabulary during Ielts speaking exams?

Before taking this Ielts Speaking Questions Answers exercise , you must keep this thing in your mind that understanding examiner point and making him understand what you want to say is more important than to have hard and tough words or vocabulary used which may reduce your bands status due to wrong pronunciation or accent.These Ielts Speaking Questions Answers are just for idea, it is better to take ideas and have multiple answers in your mind ,that would impact a great on Ielts speaking examiner.

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Ielts Speaking Questions Answers

Question:Describe a piece of art you like.
Answer:I love art to limitless extension of love ,painting is my favorite art ,since my childhood ,i love to have painting on my walls of room.
Question:What you know about it and explain why you like it?
Answer:Painting is not introduced a present art it has primitive history with human history beginning,painting really depicts the culture of surroundings of man.Man is gonne to be a universal citizen when he draws painting,he uses his creative mind to draw something on papers,when best illustrated,he is successful and displays it to public ,it is really appreciable ,very constructive tool to go to imaginary world by exploring hidden parts of world through painting.When one wants to shape one’s ideas, one must use painting to come closer to one’s ideas.
Question:What the work of art it is?
Answer:As a matter of fact,the work of painting art is to bring all your thoughts into shape of color.
Question:When you first saw it?
Answer:At the age of 9 , i saw painting in a muesum ,the trip to museum first arranged by our school teachers and management ,they all managed all and got us trip to art museum namely ‘Sagir Art Museum’.The museum was very vast and wide and had a variety of art gallery established there by different painters of country.Their painting art collections were really awesome.
Question:Are you good at art?
Answer:Sure,from my first seeing of painting at 9 years age,i became fond of painting.After that i made huge collection of paintings of different painters. At the age of 15 , i got training for how to make painting in nearby institute established by our welfare organization namely Young Creative Welfare Organization.This organization is famous for holding different type of curricular and un-curricular activities in our hometown.
Question:Did you learn art at school when you were a child?
Answer:Yes, of course ,i did learn painting art from creative academy in my school where special classes of painting were held on weekends.
Question:Is art popular in your country?
Answer:No doubt,painting is popular art in our country and Government is supporting painting art at all ages of learning,you know best that learning age never comes to an end till man death.So it is very convenient for everyone if he want to join classes of painting,he can find creative institutes easily and enroll there.
Question:Have you ever been to an art gallery?
Answer:Yes,as i have explained before ,i had visited first art museum at the age of 9 afterwards i have went to different art museums 100 of times.
Question:Do you think children can benefit from going to art galleries?
Answer:Yes,to my view point,every child should get enroll themselves in painting classes.But first responsibility implies over parents who should arrange all this to their children as may some schools do not arrange painting classes.Secondly the most important benefit which majority of us ignore it as painting art extends your creativity and make you more self confident in your environment.Painter feels himself that he is really has value to himself and to public.


Ielts Speaking Questions Answers

Work | ielts speaking questions 2017 | Ielts Speaking Questions Answers

Let’s discuss about some work?
Question:What work do you do?
Answer:It is my pleasure to explain about my job work, recently i have joined new software house company based in Chicago,before that i had been working as assistant product manager in house based also in Chicago .I had spent 8 years in my previous job and now i have joined it 6 months ago.I am working here right as product manager.
Question:Is there any other work you would like to do in the future?
Answer:Yes, it is very charming thing for every one to start a new business ,it is my future plan to quit the job and start my own software house.
Question:What do you enjoy most about your work?
Answer:Yes, of course,i like to do programming and enjoy a great in my job.
Question:What are your main duties?
Answer:To assist the product and to find bugs in product and to finalize it for market.
Question:Is it a popular job in your country?
Answer:Yes,as you know very well , information technology is going so much fast that it has open new horizons in every field as it is very clear that computer is based in every job,as some one does job as clerk,or financial manager or audit reporter or duty manager etc. he has to perform his duties while staying on computer.So computer industry is growing so much fast ,that ‘s why it is not only popular in our country but also it is popular internationally.
Question:Do you like your job?
Answer:Yes, to very great extent,i like my job.To do computer job even as a professional man , it gives my great feeling.
Question:Do you get on well with your colleagues?
Answer:Obviously,since my first day of job, i believe in team work.I always assist them whenever they feel any kind of problem there, i help them out.Similarly they help me out when i face any kind of problem in my job.
Question:What was your first day like?
Answer:On my first day, i was a bit nervous because of new environment as it was really first amazing and wonderful day full of wonder,happiness and joy.I enjoyed myself a great with my new collegues in company where they guided me a great and explained whenever i would feel any problem , i could ask for help.
Question:What responsibilities do you have at work?
Answer:Frankly speaking, i have to support product and to finalize it to market and to analyze it how much revenue it can generate against allocated consumed budget.
Question:If you had the chance, would you change your job?
Answer:Passionately speaking,learning process never comes to an end , if i find a new job with new learning scales which can me a lot of experience , i would definitely quit but prior to leaving previous job , i would give 2 months prior job leaving notice to my company so that if they want to fill the gap, they can , of course.
Question:Do you plan to continue with your job in the future?
Answer:Presently i have plan to continue with my job in the future as i am happy here .My colleagues of company are very great .Here learning opportunities and promotion opportunities are great.Anyhow it is expected after 1 year i may get permanent job letter.

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