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IELTS SPEAKING PREPARATION TIPS | In Ielts speaking exams part 1 ,you answer questions about very easy and daily routine familiar topics (your work ,personal life,family life,interests or study.
Ielts Speaking Preparation Tips | In ielts speaking exams part 2,ielts students have to speaking on a topic for one to two minutes maximum three minutes and 1 minute spare prepare time to think over it.
While second part of Ielts speaking session, the examiner just examines you , he will not interrupt you but he may ask different relevant questions after you stop talking.

Ielts Speaking Preparation Tips | In ielts speaking exams part 3,you have full discussion with the ielts speaking examiner ,questions would be like real or abstract ideas relevant.Best part and highest step for getting best bands in Ielts speaking third session,if you feel that these asked questions are more like rumors or abstract ideas,be positive in your speaking.


Ielts Speaking Preparation Tips

Always use typical words to elaborate your ideas.Starting words may be spoken to initiate your speaking,they are given below:

How to Prepare Ielts Speaking Exams

Expressing opinions:

Comparing and contrasting:

  1. What I think is this:
  2. As far as I’m concerned,…
  3. I strongly believe that…
  4. From where I stand,
  5. In order to, so as to, so that
  6. Consequently, therefore, as a result
  7. Moreover, furthermore, in addition
  8. Firstly, secondly, last but not least
  9. On the one hand…, on the other hand…
  10. whereas
  11. Both…
  12. Similarly,…
  13. While…

Drawing conclusions:

  1. To sum up,
  2. The bottom line is…
  3. All in all,
  4. In a nutshell

Ielts Speaking Preparation Tips

Ielts bands criteria , how you can understand ; you are eligible for your required bands.

Always care abouts these following steps or phases before taking and during taking Ielts speaking exams.

  1. Don’t use complex grammatical structures as you are not native to Language so it may create bad impression on Ielts speaking examiner.
  2. Try to adapt your native accent as Ielts speaking examiner knows that you are new to language abut be soft in your talking.
  3. Try your best to give answer may be simple one if you cannot give answers properly otherwise it may reduce your Ielts bands stage.
  4. Try paper note which is given to every Ielts student while taking Ielts speaking part 2,first make short notes over it so that you can easily speak.
  5. Do not hesitate while speaking ,that would impress your examiner at great length.
  6. Prepare your English grammar that is root of every speaking ,writing,listening and reading.

What Ielts examiner checks while you speak | Ielts Speaking Preparation Tips

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Fluency and coherence
  3. Lexical resource and
  4. Grammatical range
  5. Accuracy

Keep in mind Ielts examiner wants to hear from you ,while you follow all these above five steps while speaking.

Most uncommon vocabulary used in Ielts speaking