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Ielts Speaking Practices | Keep this secret thing of speaking session in Ielts exams, if examiner asks for different questions on same topic , you must remain consistent in your tone and style of thinking as that matter a great in your speaking exams.

As for example one question is like “What do you like doing most with your family?” “What things do you like doing together?”.These questions nature is same,now if you want to answer these two questions,you must improve one question answer by other as i have explained below.You can get ideas so much clearly.

Ielts Speaking Practices

This above task ,you can achieve by practicing questions below and other given on ielts by searching them.The best practice always involves best improvements in your answers,this can be done by speaking a lot with your friends,colleagues,teachers,specially Ielts teacher if you have hired for yourself etc.

You can find a lot of Ielts speaking questions answers ,practice them at great length and when you feel confident , then it is time to take ielts exams.

Ielts Speaking Practices | Family | recent speaking questions in Ielts 

Question :It is my pleasure if you tell me about your family.
Answer :Definitely, of course , i have no large family as i have one younger brother and one elder sister.My father works runs a workshop.My mother is house wife.She has brought us up very nicely.My elder sister is doing graduate at law.
Question :How many people are there in your family?
Answer :We are 5 people in our family.
Question :Who is your favourite family member?
Answer :We are very happy family and each of family member is very helpful to each other.My elder sister is my favourite member as she guided me through my studies.
Question :Tell me something about your family.
Answer :Each member of my family is very hard working and nice to one another.We are really very happy family .Our parents always guide us to help each other.From our beginning of life,our parents never scold us for any wrong doings.If we did any wrong thing ,they advised us in very polite manner ,we got very essence of their advice and try our best not to do that thing again.
Question :In what ways have families changed in the last hundred years?
Answer :Yes, families have changed in the last hundred years.Even thinking of every member of family has also changed and developed individually.Now combine family system structure is vanishing and separate family system is developing so much fast.People try to live with their own family members and disliking for combined family system has raised at certain level.The feeling of individual thinking has brought this separate family system to a great extent.
Question :Should we rely heavily on our families or is it better to try to be independent?
Answer :As a matter of fact,overall speaking our families give a very strong background to our life from beginning to end of our life.Family is the base of every nation,family becomes families,resulting in society.So family system gives a right thinking of a citizen of a society.
We must rely on families as they develop our character at a great length if we stay alone, we will not care for many things like feelings of other as the sense of family has not developed in us .Certainly we definitely rely on family system.
Question :What do you like doing most with your family?
Answer :I like to spend time discussing and sharing each other problems and ideas .This gives us a feeling of unity to our family.We never spare any moment in sharing ideas and problems.
We feel strong while discussing these things to one another.
Question :Who are you close to in your family?
Answer :Every one is close to my family espacially my elder sister is so much close to me as she not only taught me in my studies but also brougt me up very nicely.Whenever mother is busy in her works,she never spared any moment in helping me out.I always respect her and i am proud of my elder sister.
Question :In what way is your family important to you?
Answer :My family is very important to me as i feel and believe what i am today because of my family living together and nice bringing up.In every matter of life,i feel complete in myself.It is very happy and legendary thing that all my family members believe in me and are proud of me.
Question :Do you all live in the same house? (Why/why not)?
Answer :Yes, as i have explained before we all live in the same house and at present we are not married but it is hoped and believe after getting marriage ,we will live together even we will miss our elder a great as great and precious happy memories ,she would leave behind her after she gets married.
Question :What things do you like doing together?
Answer :Normally on Sunday,when all of us have a full holiday ,we make a little part in our house as get together.Mother cooks delicious dishes as of our choices and elder sister gives a great helping hand in finishing cooking.After get together ,we enjoy a family movie in tv lounge.Sometimes my younger brother wants to enjoy action movie,we do play action movie on his choice and enjoy a great at Sunday evening.


Ielts Speaking Practices really makes you eligible for getting 9 bands in Ielts, most of students fail or get lower bands in Ielts, due to their own weakness of not doing “Ielts Speaking Practices“.

Read these lelts speaking practices questions and practice them at very great length.

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