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IELTS SPEAKING PRACTICES TIPS | Whether you are appearing in your Ielts speaking exams or you just want to be a fluent in your English speaking,these tips help you a great in your daily routine life and exams also.

Below Ielts Speaking Practices Tips idioms are given:

  1. Thoughtfully speaking
  2. Thoughtfully expressing my ideas
  3. Always spice your speaking with variation of beginning words like
  4. It is crystal clear that
  5. Neverthless without openly admitting
  6. As surely as they see
  7. It throws them into wildest excitement
  8. whereas it does not deem queer but the other group has something to say
  9. By this,no body can afford the decency of life

and more …….!

Ielts Speaking Practices Tips

As when Ielts speaker wants your opinion , you must use variation of beginning words that would not only impress your examiner but also have a permanent impression of your understanding of English upon examiner till as long as you are there in Ielts speaking exams time.

Express Your Ideas | Ielts Speaking Practices Tips

There are many ways you can express your beginning ideas that would your talking.It is crystal clear thing that the more variation of English words you use in exams,the more bands can be expected from your Ielts exams results.This style of speaking different words or idioms etc. according to different questions asked can really help you in you exams.Whethere you are appearing in your Ielts speaking exams or Ielts writing exams or Ielts reading exams and when it comes to elaborate your ideas in Ielts listening, you must use them.A fluent expert English speaker must have technical ups and downs of words variations that must impress listener.


Ielts Speaking Practices Tips | Birthday Related Questions Answers

Note:Below are just well suited answers, you can have multiple options of different answers,they are just for ideas elaborating.

Question:Do you enjoy your birthdays?
Answer:Expressing my enjoyable and happy moments of life,definitely i really enjoy my birthday as this is very special day in my life when all my brothers,sisters,parents including my grand parents get together at same place and at same time.I am lucky one that i am youngest of all,all of them love me and give different gifts remembering my childhood.
Question:Do you usually celebrate your birthday?
Answer:Yes ,openly admitting,i usually celebrate my birthday and wish my parents may live long to celebrate my coming birthday with me.
Question:What did you do on your last birthday?
Answer:I do arrangements with my parents on all of my birthday and as concerning to my last birthday, i still remember that i was at home and helping my sisters and mother in bringing and purchasing goods from market.Suddenly we heard the news of coming my grand uncle from out of city,they even did not know that was my birthday,they just made a call to arrive there.We did not recall them that day is my birthday.We made new arrangements also and when they came , they got surprised to see that it was my birthday.They really enjoyed with us on my last birthday.
Question:Can you remember a birthday you enjoyed as a child?
Answer:Yes,definitley,precious memories always remain in my mind specially of my childhood birthday rememberings.I was 9 years old that my parents got me remember my birthday.I felt great love for them ever that i forgot my birthday but my parents remember my special day.
Question:Do most people celebrate their birthdays with a party in your country?
Answer:Thoughtfully expressing my ideas,most people in our country celebrate their birthdays with a party.It is crystal clear thing that birthday looses great charms if it is celebrated without party. People prefer to celebrate their birthday in family or party.
Question:Which birthdays are considered important in your country?
Answer:Thoughtfully speaking ,birthdays of our national heroes are celebrated country wide and they are very important to all of us as they recall us of our duties how
our ancestors spent their lives and devoted their lives and finally sacrificed their lives in establishing our nation.Certainly our national heroes and poets get great acclaim from all of our nation people ,not only on their birthdays but also every day of year.Special arrangements of national levels are done and everywhere comes a feeling of unity and discipline and faith.


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