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IELTS SPEAKING PART 2 IELTS CUE CARD SAMPLE QUESTIONS | Often students hesitate while speaking in IELTS speaking exams test as for the main reason they do not practice a lot of English speaking,so they fail in IELTS exams.Many IELTS speaking part 2 IELTS cue card sample questions are given.Practice a lot of them,so you do not feel any kind of hesitation in IELTS exams.

Describe a common vehicle in your city that you often use
Describe a fashion item you often use
Describe an experience when you lost something
Describe a plan (not related to work or study) you have for the future
Describe a food you like to eat at home
Describe a meal you recently had out of your home
Describe a jewellery or cosmetic item you often use
Describe an item you would buy if you receive a large amount of money
Describe a place where you would like to have a home
Describe the career you hope to have in the future
Describe the job you have
Describe a common transportation or vehicle in your city that you often use
Describe a trip that you made by public transport
Describe a thing you possess which is important to you
Describe a time when you helped someone
Describe a popular teacher that you know
Describe an interesting place that you have visited as a tourist
Describe a television programme that you watch
Describe a person who has been an important influence in your life
Describe a restaurant you enjoyed going to
An interesting story that you heard or read about in the news
Describe a shopping centre /mall that you have visited
Describe a special event that takes place in your city
Describe a website you often visit
Describe a book or movie that had a major influence on you
Describe a job you dream to have in the future
Describe a job you are interested in
Describe a famous tourist destination in your country
A person who is special or means a lot to you
Talk about your favourite photograph
Talk about a job that you would like to tryYou were friendly to someone you did not like
A person you know who dresses well
Describe a team you have been part of
Describe a person who is fashionable
A situation when you met somebody from your past
A person who can speak a second language
Something that you want to learn more
A situation when others didn’t tell you the whole truth
Describe the age or stage you enjoyed most
When you received a good service from a company
Something special you brought home from a holiday
Describe an exciting sport you know about
Something you have learned recently from the Internet
Describe a surprise that made you happy
Describe a close friend
A gift you bought that took a long time
An exciting competition or sporting event
A person who is beautiful or handsome
Describe your dream job
Describe a tourist site you have been to
A wild animal that can be found in your country
A person who fluently speaks a foreign language
Describe a type of clothes or dress you like
A place that can be good to relax
Situation when you were surprised to see a person
An important social change in your country
Describe your ideal home or place to live
A friend who you think is a good leader
Your favourite means of transport
Talk about an event when you had to wait
A famous celebrity you admire
Stage/ part of your life that you enjoyed the most
Describe someone who is a good teacher
Something you did which was a waste of time


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