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IELTS speaking part 2 IELTS cue card task questions | Thousands of students fail in IELTS speaking exams because of less practice or no proper guidelines from a expert IELTS instructor.For practice and preparation of IELTS speaking part 2 IELTS cue card task questions are given below:

Describe a school that you went to when you were a child
Describe a house that you liked while visiting
Describe a song that you like
Describe a place that you particularly liked
Describe a health problem
Describe something you often do when you are not working or studying
Describe your favourite part of the day
Describe a good neighbour of yours
Describe a photograph you have taken yourself
Famous building / landmark in your hometown
Your favourite newspapers/ magazines
An item of clothing you purchased that you did not like
Describe a very useful skill you have learned
A news story you have read or heard about
Describe an interesting person you know
A movie you would like to watch again
An importation occasion or event you have attended
A subject you did not like before but have interest in now
Describe a happy family event from your childhood
A long journey/short trips you would like to make again
Describe a subject that helped you in life
A time when you stayed far away from your home
A recent sports event that you have participated in or watched
Describe an important historical event in your country
Describe a typical day in your life when you were a child
Describe a time when you visited a friend or family member at their workplace
Interesting discussion you had about how you spend your money
Describe someone you know who does something well
Describe your favourite music band
Describe a character or person who was your childhood hero
Describe a noisy place you have been to
Describe an art and craft activity you did at school
Describe a prize you have ever won
Describe your favourite flower
Something you were disappointed about
Describe a national day in your country
Describe a long car journey you went on
Describe a street that you enjoyed visiting
Describe a significant historic event in your country
Describe a language you would like to learn
Describe a wedding/marriage ceremony you have attended
Describe a museum you have visited and liked
Describe a shop or store you often go to
Something you borrowed from your friend or family
Job that you think you would be good at
Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination
Time when you had to take care of a baby
How you spend time with your friends
Describe a meal that you have shared with friends
Describe a situation when someone suggested a clever solution
Describe a piece of modern technology you own
Occasion when you could not pay for something you wanted
Expensive clothing you have bought lately
Something you have achieved and are proud of
Describe an experience of teaching your friend or family member
Describe a beautiful house/ home you have been to
Describe a school you have studied in
Describe a person who has influenced you to do better
Describe a shopping center you often go to
Describe your holidays
Describe your favourite animal
Describe one of your neighbours