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Ielts Speaking Exams Revolutionary Steps | Ielts exams is not tough and hard one as it is considered or rumor is spread like virus that Ielts is impossible or you cannot achieve your required bands without Ielts teacher or Ielts expert or Ielts consultant.It is wrong theory or rumor spread in less developed countries where everyone is not full aware of what is English Language .English language if compared with other languages is so much easier and easy to learn.

Anyhow we are talking about Ielts exams test,there are some prior conditions or revolutionary steps ,you must take , if you are ready to take Ielts test.Always keep these following tips for Ielts exams if you are really wanna to get highest bands in Ielts.

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Ielts Speaking Exams Revolutionary Steps

  1. Time to think is important,always keep it in focus but do not waste time.
  2. Fluency matters all,if you are fluent ,you can cover the ground.
  3. Always be coherent in your speech.
  4. If you feel some doubt in question,ask it again politely but asking question is not recommended.
  5. Answer in your own words ,do not repeat answers learnt by you.
  6. Be a little bit emotional but be moderate in your speech.
  7. Be relaxed if you committed mistake by chance,you can cover it up or amend it by being more professional and fluent in your speech.
  8. Extending speech is very good technique but always do not cut off from your main topic.
  9. First impression matters all in whole of your speech.Never loose it down.
  10. Practice with your friends,colleagues,teachers.
  11. Analyze yourself if your speaking scale is going upward.
  12. Face to face speaking is always recommended while Ielts speaking exams.


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For more practices ,there are hundred of Ielts speaking topics questions, which help you a great length in preparing for Ielts top ranked bands achiever.

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