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IELTS Vocabulary for real estate and accomodation is given below .These are main general terms and words are used mainly if your topic is going to be about real estate and accomodation ,learn and practice them.

A deposit
Refers to a certain sum paid at the beginning before moving in to an apartment.
An elevator (US) /a lift (GB)
Refers to a machine that carries people from one floor of another of a building.
The premises / facilities
Refers to the land and buildings owned by someone or by a company or organization
Real estate
Refers to a property in the form of a land or a building
An acquisition
The process of acquiring or getting and owning something for example a property, an apartment, a house etc.
To own
Refers to possessing something like for example a property, apartment etc.
The owner
Refers to a person who owns an appartment or property.
To rent /to let
To rent refers to moving in to an apartment for a certain sum or money that is to be paid regularly to its owner while to let refers to giving an apartment to someone for a certain period at a fixed price.
A renter
Refers to someone who pays a sum or money to live in a house or apartment that is owned by someone else.
Public Utility
An organization that supplies the public with water, gas, or electricity
To move out
To stop living in a particular place
To move in
To go to a different place and begin to live there
A hall /corridor
Refers to the room just inside the main entrance of a house, apartment, or other building that leads to other rooms and usually to the stairs
A rental agreement
A written agreement that underlines the terms and conditions concerning the use and occupancy of a place and its premises.
A 30-day notice
Refers to the minimum time period to be given to the landlord in advance before moving out from the apartment.

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