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IELTS READING TESTS FREE | IELTS reading tests for readiness of taking IELTS exams make you perfect for IELTS highest bands.To secure higher bands in IELTS reading bands. IELTS reading test sample questions and answers are given below:

Tips for ielts academic reading test | online reading test for IELTS

  1. Read test carefully
  2. Point out main points
  3. Take total picture of reading
  4. To the point answers are acceptable
  5. Use lead pencil

Reading test samples for IELTS

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  1. IELTS Reading Test 1
  2. IELTS Reading Test 2
  3. IELTS Reading Test 3
  4. IELTS Reading Test 4
  5. IELTS Reading Test 5
  6. IELTS Reading Test 6
  7. IELTS Reading Test 7
  8. IELTS Reading Test 8
  9. IELTS Reading Test 9
  10. IELTS Reading Test 10
  11. IELTS Reading Test 11
  12. IELTS Reading Test 12
  13. IELTS Reading Test 13
  14. IELTS Reading Test 14
  15. IELTS Reading Test 15
  16. IELTS Reading Test 16
  17. IELTS Reading Test 17
  18. IELTS Reading Test 18
  19. IELTS Reading Test 19
  20. IELTS Reading Test 20

IELTS Reading Academic Tests Series Part 2

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