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IELTS READING TASK FIVE STEPS DECIDE BANDS  | It is ok that you are ready to take your Ielts exams,yes you feel sure of this thing but one moment please have you gone through these five following phases before taking Ielts exams reading exams:

Ielts Reading Task Five Steps Decide Bands

  1. Are your reading speed is fast?
  2. Are you cool with vocabulary?
  3. Do you read paragraph carefully?
  4. Do you get maximum of your time?
  5. Are you best at scanning?

I hope so you are ready with above mentioned steps if not then it is of no use to appear in Ielts exams as it is matter of fact you are wasting your time and money there in Ielts exams.Always adapt best approach to do Ielts.
Ielts Reading Task Five Steps Decide Bands | First step ,i mentioned “Are your reading speed is fast?”.Read speed matters a lot in your Ielts reading exams , if you just read line by line and word by word, then game of Ielts is over.This target can be achieved with help of great practice and it is very known thing that practice makes a man perfect whichsoever field he picks.

Ielts Reading Task Five Steps Decide Bands | Second step, i mentioned “Are you cool with vocabulary?”?This is amazing if you do not know exact vocabulary word even native are not expert and fluent in their vocabulary ,that they could tell all.Now story goes with your creative mind, what you think appropriate and exact, you can do a lot.To learn vocabulary common and uncommon words is very necessary things to overcome all modules of Ielts exams but that is not real case if you do not know what you should do now,you may sit still and silent that is wrong thing, now use your creative mind to solve the required question.
Ielts Reading Task Five Steps Decide Bands | Third step,i mentioned “Do you read paragraph carefully?”,to read paragraph is not a skill but to extract the essance of paragraph is the required skill.In Ielts exams, you have enough time to solve your questions but the problem is there you feel that you have enough time but after some time when you are sitting in exams , you feel that you are running out of time.This case is not only related to Ielts exams,the truth is that it is related to every exams occurs in the world.So make yourself more efficient in our readings to have self confidence more in yourself.

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Ielts Reading Task Five Steps Decide Bands | Fourth step, i mentioned “Do you get maximum of your time?”,try your best to solve all questions before time.It does not mean that you should solve them with quick speed.
The target is you should solve all question before 10 to 12 minutes before so that you may check and consult your answers again.This is called brevity of exams.

Ielts Reading Task Five Steps Decide Bands | Fifth step, i mentioned “Are you best at scanning?”Very nice way to be quick in your reading to get the right answer, you should be like a scanner in your exams.Try to practice this technique every time when you are there to answer the question,read paragraph in scanning mode,keeping in mind the law to read carefully.

These all five steps not only saves you from failure but also you are on right way to get more than 8 band in your Ielts reading exams.

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