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IELTS PREPARATION PRACTICES | IELTS (International English Language Test System) is conducted for those candidates who have program for going abroad for different of reasons like Study Visa,Immigration,Business Immigration,Work Permits or language familiarity reasons etc. Essential skills advantage may get you stand at Ielts exams with 9 bands achieved.Read them carefully.

Everyone who is IELTS student has query how i can get Band 9.0 in IELTS in my first attempt ever and without any coaching?

IELTS PREPARATION PRACTICES | Everyone also wished to try IELTS exams for first attempt with very good bands i.e.8.0 bands in IELTS or 9.0 bands in IELTS. As failure in first attempt make you dull for second time ;that’s why always prepare yourself fully for IELTS exams ,Appear in IELTS exams then.Just do not follow the rule of "jack of pass” may be you pass or you fail.This is very bad practice ,always ignore it as this will make you dull and boring your IELTS. And if you are taking classes from IELTS teacher,resolve your query before him.

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Brief Details about secret ways for securing 9.0 bans in IELTS

IELTS PREPARATION PRACTICES | IELTS is not less competitive examination system for getting 8+ bands or even go to 9 bands in IELTS, it is not easy task to complete.For this everyone who wants to appear in IELTS ,he must prepare in this way professional way so that he can achieve his targets.




IELTS PREPARATION PRACTICES | Band 8 in IELTS“I am happy to inform you that I got 8.5 overall in my first attempt, without any coaching. I had one month for my preparation and my native language is not English. I completed my education in India.

When an interview was taken from IELTS 9 BANDS HOLDER,how she got 9 bands in IELTS;she told main things how she was able to get 9 bands in IELTS.

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IELTS PREPARATION PRACTICES | Main Practices Reasons for passing IELTS given below:

Some of the strategies and tips she followed for the IELTS test and she was successful with 9 bands in IELTS.

  1. Best learning environment for IELTS
  2. Best learning materials for IELTS
  3. Best sufficient time for IELTS
  4. Best fellows for IELTS
  5. Best teacher for IELTS
  6. Best grammer for IELTS (If not ,you must have a little bit knowledge or take some special classes for English Grammer otherwise it is going to be difficult.
  7. Best speaking environment
  8. Best practices for IELTS
  9. Online materials
  10. Watch subtitles movies in English
  11. Watch English movies
  12. Take online practices of IELTS
  13. Never forget to take notes of everything
  14. Take IELTS classes with fresh mind
  15. If you have mind to hire a IELTS teacher and determined also to get 9 bands ,always choose IELTS teacher who have already secured 9 bands in IELTS.
  16. First go thoroughly all notes and books
  17. Make plans and notes how you can devide your studies plan for IELTS.
  18. Take notice in which module you are weak,keep focus on it more and give more extra time to it.
  19. Best time to take IELTS preparation is morning time.
  20. Never forget to take exercise for whole of your life.
  21. Tests were from Cambridge books
  22. Tests were from Online Resources.
  23. Strong vocabulary
  24. Learn 50 new words on daily basis.


IELTS PREPARATION PRACTICES | First few days , you will feel that you have big material to cover and big deals to be dealt with for IELTS ,But it is good news for those who really want to achieve 9 bands in IELTS, just need consistency at all levels while securing IELTS.

Tips for IELTS Reading

IELTS PREPARATION PRACTICES | Vocabulary and grammar are very important phase for passing and securing very good bands in IELTS. Best initial sources for practicing IELTS Reading are Newspapers and weekly magazines. As it gives you main heading and paragraph content where you can easy to highlight those lines which are most important lines of paragraphs.This practice makes you perfect in your reading IELTS section ; secondly you are not getting bored yourself as you are enjoying while reading.Now when your IELTS intial steps are covered , you may move to your IELTS study books but never forget to attach yourself with entertainment also while whole of IELTS reading section.

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Tips for IELTS listening

That ‘s an easy task for those who are going to English School System as it is their routine to listen for 8 hours or more in school ,little bit in home also and with friends. But what applies to Non-English going students.

How they can overcome this kind of gap? Let’s examine this kind of IELTS weakness found in those students who have this kind of non communication gap between them.

Very important phase for IELTS listening,we can cover this gap by watching English movies,listening friends talk,enjoying songs etc.but it takes some extra time ,we can cover up this gap.You must dedicate your 2 hours on daily basis for getting best results in IELTS listening.

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Tips for IELTS speaking

Be confident when you speak. Don’t get nervous. Take time to understand the question and give relevant answers. For the monologue, answer all parts of the question as Task achievement is also assessed. Try to maintain normal fluency. Do not be too fast or too slow. It is OK to take short pauses but use fillers to maintain the fluency. If you do not understand, you are allowed to ask the examiner to explain it to you. Make it a point to speak in English at least 30 min per day. It is OK to make mistakes, so do not panic if it happens to you.


Tips for IELTS Writing

  1. Hit the word count of 150 (Task 1)
  2. Hit the word count of 250 (Task 1)
  3. Go through as many sample essays as you can
  4. Go to youtube for tips of writing
  5. Use a variety of sentences, synonyms and linkers





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