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Ielts Practice Academic Writing Test 7 | When you are about to sit in an Ielts examinations system,you need to know some basic Ielts practices first,which are always need of the hour.

“How to write an essay in Ielts writing task 2” or “writing for Ielts” or “how to write a good essay “cover below main expertise from you which you should understand deeply.Essays belong to Ielts general exams writing test task 2 or Essays belong to Ielts academic exams writing test task 2 have same pattern of writing and style.So you do not need to bother about them.There is not difference between Ielts writing task 2 for academic or Ielts writing task 2 for general ielts exams.

Important facts which are needed of the hour

  1. Are you expert in free writing
  2. Have you a lot of vocabulary
  3. Have you stylized writing
  4. Have you strong English grammar
  5. Have you read and follow the standard pattern of writing.

If you are yes,then you must follow to Ielts examination system,Writing an essay on any topic or writing practice makes a man perfect in writing.You must read writing samples of those who belong to English literature.Every writer has his own tone of writing ,so pick up style and pattern in their writing.

Writing an essay is basis of everything if you want to be expert in writing as it needs long and short paragraphs combinations.So as long you write on a topic as good you will be in writing.So practice best of writing and use maximum vocabulary there to combine words and please do not stay monotone in your writing as it makes dull your writing and makes a reader even examiner bored.

Below a question has been been given on Ielts writing task 2.

Write an essay on topic “Why people love their culture even they know that they are living in past and future says that they are wasting their precious time”. To what extent i am right in my opinion ?

Discuss your ideas containing 250 words.

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