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IELTS EXAMS WRITING TIPS | TIPS FOR WRITING | Have you made up your mind to do Ielts exams,i believe you are ready to do so as big future behind Ielts higher bands ? But few things must be taken as important for analyzing yourself at what level you are standing and what you should do now for Ielts exams preparation.

Important steps before taking Ielts writing exams.

Ielts writing paper is before you ,basic and important steps you must give very importance to them before taking Ielts writing exams or while Ielts writing exams.

  1. Have your read your question quickly and clearly.
  2. Are you clear in your mind as no kind of ambiguity must not come through your mind this may reduce your bands in Ielts exams.
  3. Keep in mind ,examiner always tries to redirect your focus from one question to another question.
  4. Always follow golden  principle of standard structure.
  5. Always write accordingly what you know best.

Main things when you are on paper of Ielts writing exams

  1. While at writing about graphs ,give some details about what your graph seems to be.
  2. Write about main statements ,ideas and trends.
  3. Now what lines,bars etc. state,give details of changes
  4. Provide facts and figures.

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What main points ,you should follow always.

When you are at reading task  for General Academic Test or Ielts writing task 2,keep these main points and tips for achieving best bands in Ielts reading task  for General Academic Test or Ielts writing task 2 .These tips can be applied anywhere whether you are at Ielts speaking,Ielts writing ,Ielts reading and Ielts listening.


Tips for Ielts writing

  1. Introduce main topic and rewrite in your own words while focusing on main paragraph main subject.
  2. Establish main central idea which is given normally at first or second paragraph of Ielts reading.
  3. Continue your topic at length with information.
  4. Conclusion should be positive and you should provide principal guidelines to be followed upon.

Main golden rules while you are writing or speaking or reading.

  1. Choose your own writing style
  2. Never learn model answers as they always depict others style.
  3. Do cut off yourself from main idea while at speaking or reading or writing.
  4. While at speaking or writing,write clearly and coherently.
  5. Always be soft in your writing ,speaking.


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