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Ielts Exams Speaking Questions

Ielts Exams Speaking Questions | Ielts exams speaking questions are for practice and make you more adept in your speaking abilities,so below Ielts speaking questions answers for your help.No it is not right time take Ielts registration first,what is needed for Ielts preparation for speaking is to practice Ielts speaking questions.
It is right that you are curious one after you take Ielts registration,now you are waiting for Ielts results,but what is left for Ielts exams is that you are perfect in your Ielts exams,if yes, then go to Ielts registration process,as you are now satisfied with your coming Ielts result.

Ielts Exams Speaking Questions

Is Ielts exams hard to take ?
Taking Ielts exam is not a big task as if you are matric student, you are eligible for Ielts exams but that does not matter.British council Ielts is open to everyone. Ielts British Council is located everywhere if you want to register for Ielts.

What matters in Ielts exam is preparation?
If you are Ielts buddy,want to appear in Ielts exams,no matter to you what matters to you ,Ielts preparation.Here on Ielts bands blog ,every kind of practice tests for Ielts speaking,Ielts listening,Ielts reading and Ielts writing tests are given for your practice.Prepare yourself for Ielts exams keeping focus of 9 bands in Ielts.Ielts vocabulary,Ielts creative writing exercises are given also there.


Free Time | Ielts Exams Speaking Questions

Let’s share your free time experience ? | Ielts Exams Speaking Questions

Question:What type of activities do you like to do in your free time?
Answer:Really it is very enjoyable thing to do gardening in my free time as lovely nature always inspires me to do something creative and big.It is very golden change when i get two weekend holidays as i am free from my work,i do gardening.
Question:Where do most young people like to go out in your country?
Answer:In free time , most young people like to go to cinema to watch new movies ,normally in our country ,Saturday and Sunday are blowing days for them.They arrange their meetings first where whould they go and what kind of film ,they should enjoy.Our youngsters like to watch action movies.
Question:What is your favourite leisure activity?
Question:What do you usually do in your spare time?
Answer:As i have explained gardening is my hobby in my free leisure time and it is always preferable thing for me to spend momentary time with my parents if we get together.
Question:Do you prefer to stay alone or with your friends?
Answer:No, i do not prefer to stay alone ,as friends are like energy for me whenever i see them ,we always plan to do something creative and acting one.Mostly we plan to go outside like a trip to hill station,to go through green lush jungle full of green weaving trees and it is very thrilling thing for all of us.
Question:What do you usually do on weekends and weekdays?
Answer:I normally do on these days a leisure activity which refresh me a great.
Question:What do you usually do when you go out?
Answer:If i am free from my office work,i go out to meet with my friends and we share with one another what we have done creative last week days as normally we meet at the end of week.It is very rare if we do not meet weekend days.
Question:What do you usually do with your friends?
Answer:To plan to get together and to plan next coming weekend days how we should spend them accordingly.We are four friends,all of us sincere to one another.So it is very happy thing for all of us if someone brings any new idea of trip, we accept it with whole heartedly.
Question:What did you enjoy doing in your free time as a child?
Answer:Really very happy moments of life and legendary ones also.So i never forget these childlike moments when i feel alone.I played with my friends after school work ,the ground was open all time near our house.We played there on Sunday and enjoyed ourselves at great length.
Question:Do you think people have enough free time? (Why/why not)?
Answer:Yes,of course,everyone has enough free time to do leisure work to relax oneself.And if someone does not want to be free,it is one’s will and nature.
Normally everyone can work upto 12 hours maximum a day.Office going people have to work for 8 hours , i am explaining time of work for maximum a man can do a day.So about 99% can have their leisure time if they want to have.
Question:Do you often go out in the evenings?
Answer:After taking dinner ,i go out for a walk for about 1 mile.And i try my best to have one friend with me,so 1 mile travel would not bore me .During walk we share also our future plans.
Question:What do you like to do when you go out?
Answer:Normally i take a long walk when i go out ,as walk keeps me healthy and smart one.Very famous quote i wanna to quote here,a healthy body has a healthy mind,that’s the main reason i prefer long walk when i go out.
Question:Do you prefer going out on your own or with friends?
Answer:I prefer to go out with my friends if i find no friend is free,i go out on my own as the routine i do not want to break.Routine makes and keeps me punctual.
Question:How often do you go out in a week?
Answer:I go out daily for a long walk after having my dinner but we set a program on Saturday night where we should go out for get together.
Question:Do you prefer to spend your free time with other people or alone?
Answer:Yes ,definitely i prefer to spend my free time with other people preferably to spend time with my colleagues is my priority.
Question:What is a common leisure activity in your country?
Answer:Very common leisure activity in our country to have chat with colleagues,friends,parents etc.As this activity does not require any special hours to be
dedicated with,if anyone free for 10 to 15 minutes,people have chat,gup shup etc.
Question:Do most people in your country get two days off a week?
Answer:Yes,most people in my country get two days off a week,they try to spend their free leisure time with their relatives,friends and elder ones.
Question:Do you think leisure time is important?
Answer:As a matter of fact,in my opinion,leisure really bring happiness to everyone or changes one’s mind and distracts one from one’s work so they after taking their leaisure time, they again refresh themselves to continue work.
Question:How long have you been interested in these activities?
Answer:Since my childhood, i have been interested in these activities and i always really enjoy them.
Question:Do you like to do theses activities alone or with other people? (Why)?
Answer:Preferably i like to do these activities with other people .I dislike to do it alone.Secondly these get together activities make our time spending really momentary.


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