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IELTS EXAMS HACKS MAKE YOU SECURE 9 BANDS | Students are more curious about their 8 bands or 9 bands in Ielts,the best practices for securing highest bands in Ielts is to just make sure that you are on your right track to get your required bands in Ielts,Few suggestions are given below for best consideration for accomplishing of highest Ielts bands in exams.

Fluency Role In Ielts Exams Hacks 

If you have a lot of vocabulary in your mind, but you cannot use them or you use them with stop words,this method of learning is considered waste as you are not practicing the real words or uncommon words which is biggest necessity of Ielts exams times.Practice makes a man not only perfect in his field but also makes him a professional person.That ‘s why i always recommend anyone who just learns new words,he should practice it with his
friends so speaking of these new words at their appropriate position clear your position of understanding and make other understand easily.

Accent In Your Speaking | Ielts Exams Hacks

Choose the right accent can be acquired by speaking again and again new words with real and deep meaning of words.You can adapt serious style while speaking in English that would make you adept in English speaking and what you would hear and speak would remain fresh in your mind ,for many days.This method revives our vocabulary mistakes and accent styles spoken at that time and next time we are more alert and attentive
to our talks.

Practice Your Language Role In Ielts Exams Hacks 

Second law of passing your Ielts exams with 9 bands ,just require from you pracitce you have read and learnt.So be careful while attempting your Ielts reading or Ielts speaking or Ielts listening or Ielts writing.For all Ielts modules , you must basic English grammar practices for this there are many helpful materials available online and offline and when you have accomplished your grammar learning phase provided you have a little knowledge about English grammar, then open your grammar practices and if you feel that grammar is perfect.Then move yourself from general vocabulary to Ielts vocabulary most used words.
That makes you fit for minimum 7 to 8 bands in Ielts; practicing a lot can make you eligible even for 8.5 and exceptional case goes to 9 bands.

Take Your Ielts General Reading Test

Ielts Exams Hacks
Rule Of Thumb In Ielts Speaking,Writing,Listening And Writing Exams :

Never use monotone in your Ielts exams i.e. exams consists of Ielts reading or Ielts writing or Ielts listening or Ielts speaking.Monotone not only kills subject and theme of talk or paragraph but also makes reader bored or listener bored.Use of variety of words not only strengthen your grip over English but also helps a great in making you secure 8 or 8.5 or 9 bands.

Ielts Exams Hacks For All Ielts Modules

Best rule of law of practise of speaking elaborated step by step

  1. Be attentive.
  2. Present yourself in active mode.
  3. Be attractive in your Ielts writing,Ielts speaking,Ielts reading.
  4. Be attentive to your Ielts listening.
  5. Be polite in your speaking.
  6. Close your discussion positively.


Ielts Exams Preparation Tips For 9 Bands