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IELTS EXAMS COMMON MISTAKES COMMITTED | When ielts results is announced ,it is observed that most of the students do not get their required bands as for the reason preparation is not the goal of students, they focus on booking an ielts exams date and they wait for that day and it is not said here that they just sit and wait.Actually the purpose of telling here that student just make a little preparation for their ielts studies and when they appear in exams ,they just fail.And it is phenomenal thing that one or two students get their required bands ,otherwise it is going to be impossible to achieve that results.The prerequisite thing before ielts exams,to prepare best for ielts.
Time Role In Your Studies :
If you are best at your time,you can get your required results in ielts exams,as you must point out your weak ielts modules i.e. are you weak in ielts speaking or are you weak in ielts speaking or you weak in ielts listening or are you weak in ielts reading .When you feel that the specific ielts module is a big impossible or going to be tough for you , you must dedicate a more time to it.And if you weak in all modules , you must devide your time into 4 sections of ielts modules.
It does not mean that you are giving 1 hour daily to whole of your ielts exams preparation.The more time you give,the better results you can get from your
ielts exams.The best way to prepare for your ielts exams preparation,you must put a schedule before you for how you are going to give your time that way.


Is Really Ielts Listening Considered Tough ?
Normally the case is true with most of students,the reason behind that they are not familiar with the accent of foreigner speakers,that’s why they feel that it is tough module.However you are best in your basic English grammar.One important thing when you are at ielts listening exams,you must be attentive, as you are not going to listen again if you miss or skip your ielts listening question as the recording is played once.

If i quote an example here why students are weak in their writing , it is right to say that writing is kind of bulky process, as after school or college life , students leave their routine of writing, they are forgetting their writing skills now, as they move to speaking more so they feel little or more tiresome in this job of writing,so they find it difficult to write after a long time,so it requires a lot of time and patience and ambition, if you want to really achieve your targeted bands in ielts exams especially in ielts writing exams.Normally i hear from students, they are achieving less or low score in ielts writing, as they do not practice a lot of writing on their notes, that’s why they fail or get low score in their writing.
Very common example of writing i am quoting below:

If you give someone 10 books to read,he will read but after reading 10 books,if you ask him to make notes of 10 books, he would be expected to so as he has read too lot to write notes, best situation is to take notes one by one book that is best practice example.Same is the case with our ielts writing exams.If you say that one student can write exams well he should do practice a lot again and again .Just reading is not perfect ,writing makes a perect also.

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Ielts Writing Exams :

Writing experience process does not consist of 10 or 15 days , that requires a lot of time from you,then you are eligible to do a lot of writing with a great set of common and uncommon vocabulary to be used in your ielts exams.

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