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IELTS EXAMS BASIC STEPS PREPARATION | IELTS EXAMS NEEDS BASIC GRAMMAR RULES I believe that you are no more afraid of Ielts exams,if you basic knowledge of English grammar, Ielts consists of foreign Language called English,it does not mean that you must be expert in this language.To have basic English grammar kowledge is key to success.

The role of grammar in Ielts Exams Basic Steps Preparation

Basic English grammar consists of

  1. Subjects and predicates;
  2. Parts of speech;
  3. Punctuation;
  4. Parts of speech.

Now if you know basic grammar knowledge and practice,i think every school going child has this kind of basic English grammar knowledge.It means that you can do a lot of bands.Now that ‘s all needed is your courage and determination to do Ielts exams.For preparing your Ielts reading exams,read more and more.If you get newspaper,magazine,book,English novel etc. read it and read it aloud.This will help a great in your Ielts reading exams.As your speed of reading and getting main ideas and points would lead you best bands in Ielts exams.In fact,you are covering your Ielts grammar rules also.As how sentences,parts of speech,subjects and predicates are being used there.

What you have to do if you do not know basic English grammar ?

If you even does not know basic English grammar knowledge and small vocabulary of words,no problem here your courage and determination is needed.Always keep this principle in your mind that you have to learn things yourself , there is no teacher in this world, can learn instead of you.


Teacher role in Ielts Exams Basic Steps Preparation
Teacher can guide you , you have to follow those guidelines.In fact,at last you will have to learn it yourself.

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Learning role in Ielts Exams Basic Steps Preparation

So take learning process is your best step and friend which puts you on right way.Some people try to escape from learning ,there is no alternative of learning way,learning can make you pass of things.So avoid those teachers who say that they have magic in their hands,they can make you prepare for Ielts preparation within days.At the end ,you would see that teacher is guiding you and you are learning again.So have confidence in yourself that is key to success.

Key success tip for Ielts Exams Basic Steps Preparation

Same is the case with Ielts speaking preparation,Ielts writing preparation and Ielts listening preparation.All these four modules require from you time and hard work.That’s all.

Practice makes a man perfect and wise ,so believe in yourself and practice a lot.There is no doubt that teacher is of no help.He has great experience in Ielts teaching but the basic requirement from your side is to have confidence in yourself and practice a lot.

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