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IELTS EXAMS 9 BANDS SPEAKING HACKS | Best practices for English exams makes a really perfect and adept in his field and really makes a great sense of 9 bands hacking in ielts exams.Following this way you can solve you questions of “how to get 9 bands in Ielts” or “how to get 8 bands in Ielts” or “how to get 9 bands in Ielts speaking exams“.

Fluency matters a great than tough and difficult vocabulary

Accent matters a lot in English speaking

Many of us taking Ielts exams speaking session believe on this thing that we have to adopt British language speaking accent for getting 9 bands in IELTS. But adopted British accent does not matters a lot in Ielts speaking session as Ielts examiner wants to listen your opinion on asked questions in Ielts exams and what you say against asked questions matters a great.To adopt any language native accent takes from you a lot of time and great sense and taste of particular language with special training of that particular language native trainers and it is right said that to arrange native language trainers is going to
be a tough part of preparing any language.

Focus On What You Speak | IELTS Exams 9 Bands Speaking Hacks
So focus on you words rather than native language ;actually to understand Ielts examiner questions quickly afterward answers them to make Ielts examiner understand easily matters a lot rather than to go complexity of accent adopted style .Be loyal to your native speaking style. As to twist and curl the words in your own style make your speaking style bulky one which may affect a bad impression on Ielts examiner in speaking session.
Fluency matters a great | IELTS Exams 9 Bands Speaking Hacks
Easy vocabulary mixed with uncommon words gives a great taste of speaking style as no matter of what a big and complex vocabulary you have in your mind does not convince a Ielts examinar a great length as matter of face you speak and what you are going to speak really matter a lot in Ielts exams even though you have spent a lot of years in learning English vocabulary.
To speak fluently matters a lot than complex words used at wrong places or at inappropriate places.The formula to convince Ielts speaking examiner is to use words understand easily and answer him politely.So the notion for bit complex and difficult words in Ielts speaking exams is not a approved idea.

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Eat English day and night | IELTS Exams 9 Bands Speaking Hacks
Yes,if you a great craze for what you have learnt ‘tough and difficult vocabulary or words’ ,then practice them a great length that goes to a great length.Adopt native speaking style ,have friends who have a great literary taste and style and do creative speaking also with your friends ,collegue and what more about in your locality .
I am not opposed to high difficult language spoken at Ielts speaking exams but what matters here how to use them,how to pronounce them and how to accentuate them.


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