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IELTS exam Immigration Firms Worry About IDP Monopoly

IELTS exam Immigration Firms Worry About IDP Monopoly

IELTS Exams IDP  role: It could play a fair role in passing the IELTS Exams.


Every day, IELTS becomes a popular exam. This means that you have to work hard and be motivated each day to achieve your goals.


However, people often mistakenly believe that the IDP is more accessible than the British Council.


What is the British Council?

Like the IDP, the British Council offers students the chance to move out of their hometown to a country where they can fulfill their dreams. This includes getting a job, enrolling in a university, and then permanently moving to the country with their families.


They have testing centers in India, including New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Kolkata. Students are helped by these centers, which offer IELTS materials and help them to continue their preparations in a fun and easy way.


What is IDP?

IDP, another similar organization to the British Council, helps candidates realize their dreams so they can make a difference in their lives and travel to any country they desire. These places include Australia, New Zealand, and the USA.


More than 1000 test centers are available around the globe. With their help, one can pass the exam and then move on to further education.


Let’s now learn more about the British Council and its workings.

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Common Misconceptions About the IDP and British Council

People hold many beliefs that help them choose the proper organization to use if they are interested in conducting the exam.


Let’s learn more about them.


1-Many believe that the examiners who review our papers in these exams are different.

2-The Another reason is that many people think that the British Council organization is more permissive in marking, so they choose which organization to enroll with.


3-Some people believe they can’t move to the USA or the UK if they are registered with the IDP.

According to many, IDP exams are more straightforward than those conducted by the British Council. This is why IDP is preferred over the British Council.


Recent reports about the acquisition of IELTS operations of the British Council by the International Development Programme (IDP) have caused jittery in the large local market for IELTS training centers as well as immigration companies.


Reason: Students could choose from either the British Council or IDP testing centers in the past. The IDP will now conduct all IELTS tests in the country, ending any competition. Local coaching center owners feel that the IDP has now monopolized the market and will continue to operate independently of any competitor. They are concerned that the IDP (which also provides consultancy and immigration services) will be highly empowered, and their businesses could be affected by this.


Kamal Narang (Vice-President, North Immigration and Consultants for Education) stated that “Exploitation can be a real possibility when there is only one person in any business.” Pricing for exams may rise, and services can be affected. IELTS is a large market, and it’s essential to maintain balance.



Sukant Nain Trivedi is an owner of an immigration company. He stated, “Our concern is that a student who registers for IELTS at IDP would prefer applying for foreign admission, or immigration through them, taking it as a single-stop shop.” “Why would he want to come to us now?”


He said, “IDP Education is their international student enrollment division that can now influence student market through any unfair means.” It will have the data of every student who registers for the test. This business only requires data about students who want to travel abroad.


Officials from the company claim there is no sharing between IDP’s IELTS section and IDP Education, which manages the company’s student enrollment division.

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They compete in 53 countries. Between them, they had conducted more than 3.5 million tests in the country. IELTS testing in the country is a high-stakes business. The British Council will discontinue IELTS on July 25, and bookings for IELTS have already been stopped. The decision to transfer the entire stakes in India’s famous English language test to one company raised many eyebrows.

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Jaspal Singh, President, Association of Consultants for Overseas Studies, stated, “Monopoly in any business is bad.” Fair play should be encouraged in a competitive environment.

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