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IELTS Essay On ‘Technology Development’ Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay On ‘Technology Development’


This essay on the development of technology for IELTS lets you know the range of options you have in your opinions regarding an agreement or disagreement type question.

The question is whether you think that earlier and more modern technological advances have had more impact on the lives of individuals. Look over the questions below.


Technology advances in the past brought more significant advantages and improved people’s lives far more profoundly than the latest advances ever have.

Students should have confidence in themselves to write on the specified topic; for this, they should have a high vocabulary and correct grammar.


In what ways do you think you are in agreement or not?


The question on technology development in the essay is highly complex and is extremely simple to commit mistakes in responding to it. Common problems include:


Inability to understand “ordinary people.”

Incorrect understanding of “ever will” and writing about the future

Deciding whether technological advancements are “earlier” or “recent.”

The article is about the benefits and cons of technology, but not really asking the questions.



There are a variety of questions you could use during the IELTS written test. Examples are available on the following pages. This one, however, is an agreement/disapproval essay.


The IELTS Writing Task (WT2) can be described as the second portion of the written test you must pass. You will be presented in the form of an argument viewpoint or subject that you have for an essay on the topic. Your essay should be formal, consisting of at least 250 words, and you should complete the essay in not over forty-five minutes.



You will be given an issue that you need to discuss. You will be assessed for your ability to defend your opinions concerning the subject, providing details about the problem as well as their solutions, and bolstering your argument by presenting arguments, reasoning, and examples that demonstrate your own personal experience or knowledge.


There’s an Assignment 2 Lesson on how to tackle this issue which you can check out if you’re looking for additional guidance in understanding the problem and how to take the time to answer it in full.

Flexibility to your own opinion


Considering Both Sides


If you’re being asked to be in agreement (or disagree), it’s possible to think about both sides.



The test for task 2 is more crucial in the determination of the functions than task 1. Writing scripts are assessed by certified and trained IELTS examiners with relevant qualifications to teach and employed as examiners in test centers and approved through The British council or IDP IELTS Australia.




In this IELTS test, the test taker is required to write on the subject of technology development. IELTS essay writing task 2.



In the body paragraph that begins, the writer discusses what those who share this opinion think about.


Candidates are often asked that they must give an opinion that pleases the examiner. But, the views that you provide are your own, and the examiner shouldn’t be able to penalize you for not giving what they would consider.

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You should be able to devote about 40 minutes to work on this task.


Write about the following subject:


Technology Development‘ in the past brought more significant advantages and improved people’s lives in a way that no new technological advancements ever could.


To what extent do you have a disagreement or agreement?


Include reasons behind your answer, and provide any relevant examples from your personal experiences or knowledge.


Write at the very least 250 words.


IELTS Essay On Technology Development



IELTS Essay Writing Task 2 “Technology Development” Model Answer


Technology advancements over the years have drastically altered the world we live in. Many believe that the earlier advancements technological advancements have made a more significant impact on and were more beneficial to the lives of everyday people than the more recent developments. However, I do not entirely agree that the advantages and effects on our lives depend on the specific technological area.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay On Advertisement


It is not difficult to see that earlier advancements in technology have proven to be highly significant, such as those related to technology within the home. Equipment like refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, the central heating system, microwaves, and televisions was created a few years ago. Today, nearly every home has all or one of them in their homes and makes life much more straightforward. While they’ve improved in the past, they serve the same function as when they first came into existence.


If we look at recent developments, they’ve significantly influenced the world over the years than in the past. For instance, the phone, which was an important invention when it was invented, helped many people. Although it was created some time ago, the technological advancements of the past few years have allowed phones to be now mobile and linked via the Internet. This has had profound effects on how people live their lives, with people using phones for all sorts of daily activities and connecting with the globe.

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In the end, I’d suggest that, while older technological advancements are crucial but some of the latest ones are as well. The effects on people’s lives, therefore, depend on the kind of technology being discussed.


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