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IELTS cue card task IELTS speaking part 2 questions | Most of IELTS students get their required highest bands in IELTS speaking part 2 as they follow these IELTS questions series.Below IELTS cue card task IELTS speaking part 2 questions :

Describe a common transportation system for commuters in your city
Talk about a book you have at home
Describe an event that changed your life for the better
Describe a family photograph you remember
Describe something interesting you learnt from the internet
Describe an educational television program.
Describe an unusual building you have visited
Describe a time when you got lost
Describe a small and successful company you know
A positive experience you have had when you were a teenager
Describe a paid job you did or someone you know did
Describe a colourful place you went to
Describe an important event in your life
Describe a magazine that you often read
Describe an indoor game that you enjoyed as a child
Describe a subject you would study
Talk about an equipment of your household
Describe a teacher from your past that you remember
Describe an old person you admire
A gift you have received that was important to you
Describe a present that you broke accidentally
Describe the colour you like most
Describe a memorable event of your life
Talk about your favourite politician
An interesting phone conversation you had with someone
Describe a historical figure
Describe your family
Describe your best friend
Describe a family member you would like to work with
Something a child did that made you laugh
Describe a successful company you know
Describe a place near water
A childhood song you remember well
A city or a town where you live or lived
Describe an important technological advancement
Describe an activity you recently took part in
Most popular TV show in your country
Describe your favourite sport
Describe a situation when you received some useful advice
Something you have shared with others
Describe a meal you invited others
Describe an important year in your life
Describe a good photo someone took for you
Describe a foreign film you enjoyed
A handmade gift you gave to a friend or relative
A time when you had to wait in a traffic jam
Describe an occasion when you waited for someone
When you borrowed something from others
A place where you want to have a home
A strong disagreement that you had with a friend
When you spoke with someone in a foreign language
Describe an actor or actress whom you admire


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