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IELTS Becomes Easy With AEO


Are you planning to study or work abroad but worried about the little thing called the IELTS exam? Sure, it can be dreadful to many individuals and many fail to achieve the required band scores. Plus it is not just the exam itself but the proper knowledge of its nature, material, registration and rules and regulations. Sounds tough, isn’t it and trust me it is tough but only if you do not have access to proper guidance and that proper guidance is the forte of AEO Pakistan.

A Little on AEO Pakistan

AEO Pakistan has been facilitating the students’ enrollment at prestigious universities in Australia since 1997. They are known as the ‘Australian & Global Education Specialists’ as they provide comprehensive and professional counseling and assistance to students intending to study abroad. With the passage of time, AEO has become a major platform to offer pathway study opportunities in the UK, USA, and Canada as well.

Apart from being a global education specialist, AEO is also an IELTS Official Test Centre and has been making the IELTS journey comfortable for its clients for years. Over the years thousands of students have benefitted from AEO IELTS services.

IELTS becomes easy with AEO as is the sole purpose of AEO IELTS testing service to make your IELTS experience comfortable and successful with its carefully developed range of practice materials, sample test questions, and test day tips and advice. AEO Pakistan is a one-stop destination for all your IELTS needs. Let’s see why:

AEO IELTS Pakistan

Registration and Initial Guidance

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The first step is enrollment and the challenging task of getting registered. AEO Pakistan helps you at each step of the registration process and before that, it guides you regarding all the aspects. AEO website guides you extensively about IELTS academic or IELTS general training, depending on the institution you are applying to and your future plans. Then, determining the right choice for you, you can register online by downloading the application forms from their official website. Explore our website with detail and you will get help and guidance in different areas for IELTS tests. AEO is also an official IELTS test center.  

IELTS Preparation Course and Training

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a testing service that grades your English language skills based in all four aspects of speaking, listening, writing and reading. You have to be better than just good to achieve the desired band scores and it is only possible through the professional training.

AEO IELTS services are not only limited to registration and being an IELTS center. It offers IELTS preparatory courses, classes and professional help in improving all your four English language skills. AEO provides its students with targeted practice materials, sample test questions, and test day tips and advice. AEO IELTS preparation courses also focus on making you familiarize with the types of tasks included in an IELTS test.

Language isn’t something that you can use alone and AEO knows it. Thus, AEO IELTS preparation courses provide you with an environment where you can enhance the speaking and listening skills under expert supervision and focus extensively on vocabulary, pronunciation, and fluency for reading and writing tests.

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Online Resources

Apart from its in-class IELTS preparation efforts, AEO official website houses extensive resources including samples in academic writing, reading, listening and speaking practices. The online resources availability is especially helpful for students who are unable to take regular classes. AEO official website also provides a direct link to IELTS essential and free IELTS preparation and practice material including practice tests, related videos, and useful materials.

Computer-Delivered IELTS

Apart from the paper-based IELTS tests, AEO Pakistan has also introduced computer delivered IELTS tests in listening, reading and writing sections. The computer-based format offers a more effective and faster assessment of the skills. However, speaking tests are still conducted face to face to prompt a more lifelike presentation.

Whether you choose paper-based IELTS tests or computer-delivered, AEO provides you results within a short amount of 5-7 days.

A Little Note At The End

IELTS is the true standard high profile testing system for evaluating English language proficiency, whether you wish to study, work or migrate abroad. It is recognized by more than 9,000 institutions worldwide with around 145 countries, including employers, educational and professional bodies and governments. IELTS test contents are established by an international team of experts. Thus it is quite difficult to pass the tests with required proficiency.

Therefore, it is of vital essence that individuals seek professional guidance and who is better to provide that guidance than AEO Pakistan that has been successfully training its students for years with thousands of success stories. If you still need to know something, you can visit our office or call us anytime and our experts will be out there to help you the best.

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