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IDP to Acquire IELTS Test System India for £130mn

Partnership Between IDP and the British Council

IDP and the British Council were previously partners in this business. IELTS is jointly owned and managed by IDP: IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English, and the British Council.



IELTS The International English Language Testing System

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS), a British Council test, is one of the most popular English language exams worldwide for studying and migrating. It is used by thousands, including educational institutions, to assess the English proficiency of candidates.

IDP, an Australian education services Provider


IDP, an Australian education services firm with a significant presence in India, will purchase British Council’s India IELTS business. The deal is worth PS130 million.

IDP and British Council jointly administer IELTS in India. IDP will now help with the IELTS test in India.


Kate Ewart Biggs, the interim CEO at British Council, stated that IELTS would be distributed solely through IDP India. This will make it easier and more convenient for test-takers.


Ewart-Biggs stated that the proceeds from the sale would allow British Council to improve its financial situation following the impact of covid-19.

IDP will Acquire 100% of British Council India IELTS business, worth PS130 million, on a cash-free and debt-free basis. In a joint statement, the organizations stated that British Council employees who work on IELTS in India would be part of the IDP team.

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These transactions should be completed by August. Andrew Barkla, chief executive officer of IDP, said that this agreement marks the beginning of a new chapter in IELTS’s history in India. Barkla stated that IELTS’s 30-year history and global partnership model mean that it has internationally standardized quality control and integrity processes in all centers.


IDP, a global provider of education services, is listed in Australia. British Council is an international organization representing the UK in cultural relations and educational opportunities. British Council is present in India since 1973.


The sale will be completed in August under “customary conditions.” This sale comes after the British Council was forced to close many of its language schools due to financial difficulties.


IELTS claims it is the most popular English language test globally for studying and migrating and is trusted worldwide by over 10,000 organizations.


Andrew Barkla, CEO at IDP, stated, “By bringing together two expert teams, test-takers can feel assured they are getting the best possible experience when taking their world-leading exam.”


Our test takers are free to concentrate on their preparations, and our team will make sure that everything runs smoothly on test day.


“IELTS’ global partnership model and 30-year-old history mean that it has internationally-standardized quality control and integrity processes built into every center’s operations.


Barkla stated that the agreement would “reignite their global ambitions” for many Indians.


He stated that the agreement would allow us to move forward with solid strategies, expert teams, and a large geographical footprint across India.

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“Together, we are well-positioned to help more Indians take the first steps towards achieving their global education, work, and career goals.”

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the British Council has experienced significant financial difficulties.

India is a significant English test and a source country for international students to many foreign universities.


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