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How To Write An Essay Best Tips And Tricks For Essay IELTS Preparation


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How To Write An Essay Best Tips And Tricks For Essay IELTS Preparation

General Preparation :

Students feel that essay-writing is lack of matter. Students do not easily find anything to say about a subject. It normally happens because their experience and general reading are short. But it may be improved by learning, reading, and getting experience.

(a) Reading :

Bacon said, “Reading maketh a full man”; that is, a person who reads much and widely stores his mind with a large variety of facts, thoughts, illustrations, and general information. If you want to write good essays, you must acquire a love of reading-not simply reading stories for amusement, but reading good books of history, travel, biography, and science. Fill your mind with subtle thoughts and accurate information. By so doing, you will become “a full man” and “a full man” can always find plenty to say on most subjects.

(b) Observation :

It is a wrong concept. You can gain knowledge from books just, but we learn from life also. Keep ears and eyes open., and learn from your own experience. Practice writing short descriptions of what we see in everyday life – the people you meet, buildings, street scenes, and valleys, the habits of animals, and birds. Don’t be content with reading other people’s descriptions of such things, but see them yourself. We can learn from personal observation.

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(c) Conversation :

Men and women write books, and if we can learn from the books they write, we can also learn from the words they say. Watch and see what people say and what they want to explain; you will learn a lot of things from their conversations.

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