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How To Structure A Dissertation That Buys You Grades?


After completing most of your doctorate coursework, you qualify for the “ABD” status (All But Dissertation). You must write a dissertation following a determined structure to upgrade the ABD status. Let’s read through the dissertation writing guide you must follow to ace your course.

According to dissertation tutors, prior to starting to write the dissertation, you must write the prospectus and form a committee. The prospectus is a formal document outlining the research objectives. Then, you must present the prospectus to the committee comprising your advisor and faculty members. 

After your prospectus passes the defence, you can start with writing the dissertation. 

Title page 

Title page details personal information like department name, your name, institution, degree program, and the date of submission. 


The preface or acknowledgement section allows the writer to thank everyone who has helped them write the paper. Thanksgiving is offered to supervisors, friends, and family who provide support.


The abstract is the summary of your dissertation, including the vital parts of your dissertation. Here, you state the research’s aim, describe the methods, and summarise the results.

Table of contents 

The table of contents lists the chapters and corresponding headings and sub-headings. It gives the reader the structure’s overview and helps them navigate through the paper effortlessly. 

List of Figures

The inclusion of figures and tables is not mandatory. However, it is nice to include statistics to back up the data provided in the document. 

List of abbreviations

Admittedly, you will have a lot of field-specific abbreviations. However, while you are aware of their meanings, your readers might not be. Therefore, include abbreviations alphabetically for readers to navigate them easily.

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Through the introduction, you set up the topic’s relevance while informing your readers of what they should expect. Here, you do the following:

  • Establish the research topic
  • Define the research’s scope
  • Show your research’s relevance to the problem at hand
  • State the research aim and questions
  • Outline the work’s flow

Literature review

Literature review contributes to the formative part of your paper that educates readers about the existing academic discoveries. It encompasses the following:

  • Find relevant sources
  • Assess the source’s credibility
  • Critically analyse and evaluate sources

A literature review should justify your research by addressing the gap in the literature, taking a new theoretical approach, and proposing a solution to an unresolved question.


The methodology describes the data collection methods helping readers critically assess the dissertation chapters for their credibility. Additionally, it details the tools and materials used to analyse data. The purpose of the methodology is to justify why you have used the preferred method convincing your readers that it was the best way to answer the research. You can also get primary homework help by well educated homework helper.


The results section highlights the discoveries of your methodology. 


In the discussion section, you discuss whether the results met the research’s expectations. 


A conclusion should wrap up the entire dissertation by reflecting on your finding with recommendations for future research and effectively concluding remarks. 

Reference list

Cite sources in a detailed manner to avoid plagiarism. Be sure to follow the citation style your university prescribed and follow it strictly to avoid losing marks. However, you can use citation generators to save time and produce citations correctly. 

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Parting thoughts,

You have the dissertation’s structure in front of your eyes. Follow this structure to compose a flawless thesis. First, however, ensure you follow the average dissertation length assigned by your professor. 

Summary: You should proofread and edit your dissertation correctly to prepare a submission-worthy dissertation by the deadline. 

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