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How to Memorize Everything: Top 4 Ways for Exams


Preparing for exams, and then the process of taking them always causes stress. You start to prepare the day before the exam, there is no time to repeat it, and your brain refuses to work at all. But if you have at least some time, you must spend it with good use. And not for useless and unstructured reading of textbooks in the hope to remember something.

Before passing any exams, we have to learn a lot of material. It doesn’t matter if it’s a text from a textbook or our own notes. It’s easy to get lost in the flow of information. And this is often frightening. There are simple ways to cope with the volume of texts and your own anxiety, though.

Read, Reread, and Reread Again

Bravely reread the desired paragraph several times: in this way you will not only get the main idea, but also clearly remember the material. Our brain readily responds to any kind of repetition, so this approach he simply cannot ignore.

Find Your Strengths

A personalized approach always works better than any other, and it works not only when you enter your 22Bet login and see personalized recommendations. If you don’t already have your own intuitive schema, it’s time to come up with your own scheme for dealing with information. After all, besides reading and standardized memorization, there are many other ways to effectively prepare for the exam and make the process easier.

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Find Your “Checkpoints”

If you know what a quest or logic charades are, you’re well aware of how one clue found pulls in a chain of subsequent ones, opens access to new information, and in the end builds into the big picture.

Remembering everything you read is sometimes impossible. If there is a large material in front of you, it’s better to break it into meaningful segments and identify each of the main ideas. It will be the anchor point, clinging to which you can easily remember and clearly set out the subsequent material when passing the exam ticket.

Organize Your Information

You have read an impressive paragraph of text, and it seems that you have memorized all the main things. But ahead there are several subjects, and each of them requires a thoughtful approach. One material is “layered” on top of another.

Unfortunately, when trying to memorize a huge amount at once, such confusion is not uncommon. In this case, to quickly find and remember the right point, visualization will help. Our brain actively perceives images and colored elements – it is human nature that bright signals are more firmly fixed in memory. Take advantage of this – use notes, colored markings (for example, with markers and stickers) to highlight the essentials, which will then become a solid foundation for your answer.

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