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How to learn English: proven methods and ways for self-study


When people just start learning a foreign language, the first thing they face is the serious question of choosing a method and method of learning. I want to say right away that there is no universal technique that will suit everyone.

Some of us memorize individual words better, some prefer the classic training options according to manuals, and it’s easier for someone to perceive information by ear. This means that you need to choose the method and way of studying based on your personal characteristics. The best option is to try several different methods and see which one is right for you.

In this article, we will talk about what methods of learning English are, which one is right for you, and how to distinguish effective English learning from ineffective.

Methods and ways of learning English

Before talking about what methods of learning English are on their own, one cannot fail to mention what options exist for a person who has firmly decided to learn a new language.

Language schools and group lessons

One of the most popular ways in the world, preferred by most people. These can be both local language schools in your city and schools abroad. In large cities, there is a fairly large selection of offline schools for learning English, including official branches of schools with a worldwide reputation. You can choose a school based on the reviews of other students and get into classes with teachers who have proven themselves well. True, sometimes the abundance of choice confuses beginners, and confused students may simply abandon this idea.

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In small towns, the choice of schools is much smaller, however, even in them, you can find a decent option with professional teachers and a convenient schedule.

In addition, language schools abroad are becoming more and more popular, accepting students all year round. In them, you can both prepare for passing international exams, or simply take an intensive English course with full immersion and an emphasis on spoken language. This is a rather interesting and unusual experience because such schools bring together students from around the world, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the international environment and develop a listening comprehension of different accents. As a rule, a week or two is the minimum period for which students are taken to schools in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Malta, and other countries. The maximum training period has no restrictions and depends only on your individual goals and financial capabilities.

Like any other, this method has its pros and cons.

Among the advantages, one can single out rather moderate prices for training compared to individual lessons, the ability to communicate with other students, healthy competition in the group, a variety of lesson formats and, of course, the opportunity to learn not only from one’s own but also from other people’s mistakes.

One of the main disadvantages is the lack of an individual approach, personal attention, and the ability to analyze your questions in more detail. This is due to a large number of students in the group, and some students may even experience a socio-psychological barrier and be afraid to be liberated. Also, the class schedule may not always be convenient for the student due to work and other daily activities.

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In general, the group method of learning a language is suitable for sociable and communicative people, especially children and adolescents. But it will be quite difficult for closed and always busy people with a tight schedule to attend such schools.

Private tutor

Those who are not suitable for group classes, but need a person to control and analyze in detail incomprehensible material and grammar, should opt for an English tutor.

The main advantage of this method is an individual approach. You analyze in detail only those topics that are incomprehensible or difficult for you. Moreover, you disassemble “to the bitter end.” The tutor can work with you for as long as you like if the financial side of the issue allows it. The cost of one academic hour of lessons with a tutor is higher than that of group lessons. But the usefulness of this method is higher because the classes will be built based on your level and capabilities, you can choose your own pace or focus on one of the topics. For example, tightly prepare for exams or tighten up speaking.

Of the minuses, you can single out a long search for exactly your teacher, who will suit you on all counts (location, schedule, cost, program). It is also important to find a tutor who will be really interested in studying with you and give it his all: prepare new material, use different approaches, offer a variety of tasks, and, of course, will develop himself.


Modern technologies allow a person to access information anywhere and at any time, and this is wonderful. Those who want to learn English, but do not have the time or opportunity to attend group classes or hire a tutor, prefer self-study.

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This includes homework from books and manuals, independent work with dictionaries and textbooks, audio lessons, video lessons, watching movies and TV shows in the original language, memory games, and much more.

This method is used by an increasing number of people today because its advantages are obvious: no need to go to the other end of the city, the ability to practice at any convenient time, and others. The biggest disadvantage of such classes is the need to have a high level of self-organization because no one from outside monitors your progress and cannot correct mistakes in pronunciation.

But if a person has motivation and desire, he will find time to devote at least 15-30 minutes a day to learning and constantly developing and improving his level. One good way is to watch films in English and visit English sites – for example, you can combine business with pleasure – and place bets on the 22Bet site.

Remember that you don’t have to focus on just one method and method if it doesn’t work. If the method of learning English on your own does not suit you, because motivation from the teacher is needed, it is better to start with language courses. And also, if you want more individual lessons and interesting content, you need a tutor or sites and applications for learning the language.

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