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How To Form Words English Basic Words Structures Rules


How To Form Words English Basic Words Structures Rules

How to form words ;the basic rule of thumb ,follow these English Language rules to have a strong grammar and for how to combiine words with each other.While attempting IELTS exams ,these help a lot when you want to join words. 

1-Compound Words:

In English grammar,we must follow rules for apprehanding clear concept of English.We use compound words are, for the most part,Adjectives and Verbs, Nouns.

2-Compound Nouns may be formed from:

(i) We use formation of Gerund + Noun; as,
Writing-desk, looking-glass, walking-stick,blotting paper, stepping-stone,spelling-book,Drawing-room,writing IELTS,doing IELTS,doing English.

(ii) We use formation of Verb + Noun; as,
Makeshift, breakfast,Telltale,scarecrow, hangman,Spendthrift, pickpocket, cut-throat, cutpurse, daredevil.

(iii) We use formation of Adverb + Verb ; as,
Outset, upkeep,outcry, income,outcome.

(iv) We use formation of Verb + Adverb ; as,
Lock-up, go-between,die-hard, send-off,drawback.

(v) We use formation of Adverb (or Preposition) + Noun ; as,
Afterthought, forethought, foresight, overcoat,downfall, afternoon, bypath,inmate, off-shoot, inside,Outlaw.

(iv) We use formation of Noun + Noun ; as,
Jailbird, horse-power, shoemaker, ringleader,windmill,moonlight, chess-board, armchair, postman, railway, airman, manservant, fire-escape,screwdriver, taxpayer, teaspoon, haystack.

(v) We use formation of Adjective + Noun; as,
Sweetheart, nobleman, shorthand, blackboard,quicksilver, stronghold, halfpenny.

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3-We use compound Adjectives may be formed from :

(i) We use formation of Noun+Adjective (or Participle); as,


Time-serving, moth-eaten, heartbroken, bed-ridden, hand-made,sea-girl, love-lorn,blood-red, sky-blue, snow-white, pitch-dark, breast-high, skin-deep, purse-proud,lifelong, world-wide, headstrong,homesick, stone-blind, seasick, note-worthy, heartrending,ear-piercing.

(ii) We use formation of Adjective + Adjective; as,
Blue-black, white-hot,dull-grey, lukewarm,red-hot.

(iii) We use formation of Adverb + Participle; as,

Well-deserved, outspoken,down-hearted, far-seen, inborn,long-suffering, everlasting, never-ending, thorough-bred.

What are primary words?

4-We call primary words which do not come from derivation of developing words.These primary words come from pure English language.They form themselves by addition to beginninig or end;as,

(i) We use formation of Secondary Derivatives, formed by an addition to the beginning or the end; as,

unhappy; goodness.

(ii) We use primary Derivatives, formed by making some change in the body of the simple word;as,
Clear from clearing,wrong from wring,Bond from bind, breach from break,beautiful from beautify.

(iii)What is Prefix?
We use formation an addition to the beginning of a word is a Prefix.

(iv)What is Suffix?
We use formation an addition to he end is a Suffix.

(v) We use formation of compound Words, formed by joining two or more simple words; as,

Moonlight,nevertheless,undertake, man-of-war.

5-We use formation of Compound Verbs may be formed from:-

(i) We use formation of Noun+Verb; as,
Earmark,Waylay, backbite,typewrite, browbeat.
(ii) We use formation of Adjective+Verb; as,
Safeguard, whitewash,fulfil.

(iii) We use formation of Adverb+Verb; as,
Overhear, overdo, outbid, outdo, upset,ill-use,overthrow, overtake, foretell, undertake, undergo.

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