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How to Find the Best Locum Doctors Recruitment Agency


Temporary medical professionals, known as “locums”, are vital in meeting the current high demand for healthcare services. They help ensure facilities are adequately staffed, making them an essential component of the healthcare system. But what is a locum doctor?


A locum doctor fills in for another absent doctor. The term “locum” originated from the Latin phrase “locum tenens,” which means “place holder.” Essentially, a locum acts as a temporary replacement for another individual.


While doctors seeking locum work may search for opportunities independently, it can be a burdensome and time-consuming due to paperwork and job-hunting efforts. It is advisable to seek the support of a locum doctor recruitment agency that can make this process more efficient.


Over the past year, higher demand for locum doctors has increased, resulting in more recruitment agencies providing these services. To ensure you choose the right medical recruitment agency, this article offers expert advice, tips, and insights on finding the best locum agency that suits your lifestyle needs and specific requirements.

Tips on How to Find The Best Locum Doctor Recruitment Agency

One: What Do You Want and Need?

Before selecting an agency, it’s important to determine your desired requirements and expectations for a locum position:


  • Do you like travelling?
  • What is the amount of money you need?
  • In which kinds of hospitals are you interested in working?
  • Will you be coming by yourself or with your family?
  • What is your desired duration and deadline for the assignment?
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This information will help you find a locum agency that matches your unique requirements and assist the agency in accurately presenting you to employers and meeting your specific needs.

Two: Ask around

To find a good locum agency, ask other doctors you have worked with about their positive experiences with certain agencies. This way, you can avoid wasting time and being misled by learning from their mistakes and experiences. Word of mouth is a valuable source of information.

Three: Specialisation

To find the best recruitment consultant, look for someone dedicated to your particular area of medicine and with a thorough understanding of its complex sub-specialties. Also, seek a consultant with existing connections in your desired location.

Four: The Quality of Service

Locum recruitment companies differ in their services, and the small things they do for you distinguish a valuable partner. The paperwork for locum job applications can be lengthy, including CVs, references, and credentials. A reliable locum recruiter will assist you in completing this paperwork the first time.

Five: How are You Paid?

When researching locum agents, keep the following points in mind:


  • How do you receive payment for your locum work?
  • Will the locum recruitment agency pay you directly?
  • Do they offer tax guidance, superannuation, and workers’ compensation?
  • What is the payment frequency?
  • What are the payment procedures to ensure a seamless transaction?

Six: A Long-Term Relationship

To find a good agency and recruiter, seek someone who can create a long-term plan for you and your career goals. Look for a recruiter who doesn’t just focus on your current position and proactively reaches out to hospitals/clinics to find locum opportunities that match your availability and preferences.

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Seven: Constantly Updating

To clarify, you’re looking for an agency that excels in communication. A skilled recruiter will provide consistent updates throughout the process, including finding suitable assignments, conducting interviews, negotiating terms, and finalising arrangements. Your recruiter must remain in contact with you during onboarding and throughout your assignment, demonstrating a strong commitment to assisting you.


To ensure a successful partnership, your locum recruitment agency should represent your interests and have clear communication channels. It’s important to establish a solid rapport with your recruiter so they can fully comprehend your unique needs and objectives in the immediate and distant future.

Eight: Protects Your Information

Public hospitals use locum doctors more frequently to cover Resident and Registrar shifts. However, certain locum agencies may share your CV with multiple hospitals, which might not be in your best interest.


It is essential to find work that matches your unique skills and expertise. When choosing a locum recruitment agency to work with, make sure they understand your goals. It might be helpful to create a written agreement with the agency that lists the hospitals where they can submit your CV to maximise the success of your partnership.

Final Thoughts

The agency’s role is to enhance processes, minimise administrative burdens, and aid in your job search. Evaluating their professionalism is essential to determine if you can count on them for support.


Many doctors prefer using an established and experienced recruitment agency to find jobs that match their skills and interests. So find a particular agency that has many positive reviews and comes highly recommended to those seeking locum jobs.

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