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How to Find Friends at College: Tips for Freshmen 


For college life to be enjoyable and carefree, you need friends. It’s the fun company that makes it a golden time. So one of your fears as a freshman is, “What if I don’t make friends?”

Even from high school we pull insecurity and a lot of complexes. If you’re unlucky with classmates, it doesn’t mean that all teams in your life will be like that. So discard the negative experience of the past and look to the future with a positive outlook. Don’t set yourself up for a sad scenario, and everything will work out for you.

How to Overcome Fear

Remember that with the people who became your classmates, you already have a lot in common. After all, you have chosen the same specialty.

If you’re not a sociable person and feel discomfort in unfamiliar companies, tune in beforehand: do breathing exercises, listen to relaxing music, drink a mug of herbal tea.

The easiest way is to say “Hello” and smile at the person who happens to be around. This is effective. There are bound to be activists who will quickly organize a collective hike to a park or cafe to get acquainted. So just don’t be turned off by the general discussion and don’t refuse to sit together.

Simple Tips for Getting to Know Each Other for the First Time

Starting a conversation is not as difficult as making an overall pleasant impression. The following tips will help you:

  • Don’t lie for the sake of being cool. You can’t make a first impression twice. However, if it turns out after a while that the impression was based on a lie, you will not be treated with respect by the team. Don’t create fictitious biographies. Never be afraid to tell those around you about your hobbies, like betting at 22Bet or crafting. You are a unique person, anyone would want to become your friend, especially if you have something that distinguishes you and makes you unique. So be yourself!
  • Smile. A common defensive reaction – to pout, sit in a corner and look at everyone sideways. People will conclude that you are an unsociable and unpleasant entity. Better to just passively participate in the discussion: listen to others, respond to jokes, respond if they turn to you.
  • Pay attention to gestures. Closed postures (arms crossed over your chest) give the interlocutor a non-verbal signal of “Stop! Stay back!”
  • Ask questions. When people are just getting acquainted, there are always basic topics of conversation: where you come from; where you will live (in a dorm or in an apartment); why you chose this specialty; first impression of the university; what teachers you already know, etc. Don’t forget that communication is not a sociological survey, so feel the measure.

Why Communicate With Classmates

It’s necessary to communicate with classmates to feel support and common to all students fear of exams, joy of canceling a class, and focus during the preparation for the session.

From classmates you can find out what is assigned next week, as well as take notes from previous classes and rewrite them in your notebook. It’s also just interesting and useful. You can learn a lot of new things, understand a subject, or just have a laugh during breaks.

Young people want to have their place in the company and not be an outcast. The worst thing is when you’re sitting in the same classroom with a small number of people and everyone is joking except you. If you say something out loud, no one will understand and laugh. Being a loner is hard, so make sure you make friends with your classmates.

Why Can’t You Find Friends?

There can be many reasons. For example, you’re not open enough or, conversely, too active. The main rule of friendship – everything must be natural and timely. You can’t force another person to become a friend, but you can start with small steps: the first conversation, a joint trip to the movies, a cup of coffee after work, the first common joke and the first secret.

Be open, sincere, positive, and outgoing. Give new friends a chance to get to know you and like you.

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