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How the Internet Influences On Education


We live in a digitalized world, filled with different information. The influence of digitalization and globalization affected all our living spheres. Several decades ago we could not even imagine the speed of the information that comes from different parts of our world. We became more connected to it and to keep ourselves toned we should be prepared using our knowledge. We used to play more often outdoors, but now we can play while staying at home. If you enjoy the feeling of adrenaline, join Vistabet and test your luck! 

       Revolution in Education

     Video streaming has created the biggest revolution in education in the last ten years. Learning with the help of video is very convenient. We are sure that this format will be one of the main ones for a long time to come. In IT education, everything has been greatly simplified by the ability to program in a browser. You listen to a lecture and immediately try to do something. You do not need to launch or install additional software.

     Another important thing for long-term programs is tools for collaborative learning. Integration into Zoom courses and Slack opens up huge opportunities. You press a button and you immediately see your training partners. So you can remotely carry out complex group projects.

      If we talk about the future, then I think in the next five years we will see many implementations of VR technology. I think it will be in demand in many areas such as negotiating, leadership, management, and evaluating the effectiveness of employees.

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VR and Other Devices

      Most likely, we will begin to say during the course: “Put on VR glasses, now you will find yourself in a simulated reality with the professor and other students.” It will definitely happen. People from traditional education often do not understand that you can sit at a lecture, listen to a story about some phenomenon, and then put on a device and physically feel how the subject of your conversation works. And VR can be used not only in physics courses but also in business, in marketing courses.

        If we talk about the format of consumption of educational content, then mobile devices will play a huge role. All online learning will be available in this format. The use of big data to personalize learning will develop. We try to capture the results of all student responses using mobile phones. Even before the student starts the test, we will advise him to repeat some materials, and below we will attach links to the necessary videos. One important aspect of learning personalization is content personalization, and the other is the personalization of student support through the use of various tools.

Lifelong Learning

      The increasing speed of innovation played a big role. The transformation began after the first industrial revolution, but the most significant changes occurred with the development of the digital economy. The pace at which we are gaining access to new segments of the labor market has become much faster thanks to globalization and digitalization. The emergence of the internet and then smartphones changed a lot. They allowed everyone to participate in the discussion of ideas and the exchange of knowledge. As a result, the level and speed of changes in all spheres of life have grown and continue to grow, as well as the speed of creating new knowledge. And so the skills that have remained relevant for ten, twenty, or thirty years are now in demand many times less than ten, five years, or only 2 years.

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     Soon, in the global labor market, people will compete not only with each other but also with the rapidly growing world of machines. But there is also an optimistic perspective from which to look at progress. Soon we will have an era of prosperity. The production of food, clothing, energy generation and access to information will become so cheap that people’s lives will become very comfortable. And it will require very little effort to get what we need.

      There have been many positive developments over the last hundred years. It is hard to imagine how much time the invention of the washing machine alone has freed up. Today we can work less and still have a roof over our heads, clothes, and food. And I want to believe that we will enter this era of prosperity and will be able to devote more time to experience and creativity.

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