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How Ielts grammar can be improved | Thousands of Ielts students feel very difficulty to learn English grammar ,the very basic reason behind that they do not know even basic rules of English grammar.That ‘s why they just cram some formats and tips and tricks relevant to Ielts exams preparation and afterwards they apply for Ielts exams ,the consequences of this preparation,they get themselves failed in exams.Next time they are more nervous in exams if they apply ;so rule of the thumb is to prepare your Ielts exams very attentively and regularly so not only they get themselves passed in exams but also they get very high bands in exams.

First you learn very basic tenses like past,future,present sentences so you may enter into complex and advanced grammar.Tenses are as follow:

  1. Present indefinite
  2. Present continuous
  3. Present perfect
  4. Present perfect continuous
  5. Past indefinite
  6. Past continous
  7. Past perfect
  8. Past perfect continous
  9. Future indefinite
  10. Future continuous
  11. Future perfect
  12. Future perfect continuous


These above tenses will make your grammar strong enough that you can understand what others speak and what you have in your mind , you can write it on papers if you have systematic outline of what you want to write.


Always have confidence :

When you have little in your pocket or in your mind , but you have confidence in yourself, you can win the race.So vocabulary and dictionary something extra needed to improve yourself.First and foremost thing is to practice a lot what you have learnt.

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Best understanding:

If you want to start speaking,you can understand others speaking,you can really be best in your speaking;the main thing is here forced to follow grammar rules and very basic tenses structures like mentioned above.Following these above tenses, you feel more confident in your grammar and conversation.

Very best tips and tricks for fluent in English and Ielts exams are as follow:


  1. Punctuation rules
  2. The context of writing
  3. Grammar mistakes
  4. Spelling mistakes
  5. Plagiarism
  6. How to pronounce a word (Practice needed a lot )


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