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How can you use presents in your company?


Giving presents to customers of your company is of great importance; it helps build loyalty and it will help place your brand on a higher scale. Picture this; one of the local drug stores – let’s say drug store A – always gives samples of free parfum every time you visit the drug store. Drug store B, in the same town and the same products for the same prices, does not share samples every time you visit them. Which drug store would you visit more often? Most likely, you are more inclined to visit drug store A, because of the samples (unless you really hate samples, though). But even though you are not the biggest fan of perfume lotions, with giving out free presents, drug store A also shows that they know about being hospitable and come across generously, which will most probably still increase the way you think about drug store A compared to drug store B. You get it? Nice! But how to implement giving goodies or samples yourself? Read the information below, we will provide some inspiration!  

Find presents in line with your company

Invest in presents that go hand in hand with what your company would like to radiate. When you own a beauty salon, you could easily go for samples that can be used in a skincare routine or which will remove pimples. A good option for this would be CBD oil, there are a lot of sites where you can buy Bulk CBD products. But, on the other hand, when you are owning a company selling electronics, you could think of presents that will fit the electronics, such as a webcam cover. 

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Don’t be too pushy! 

When you implement giving out free presents to your customers, for example when they check out at the cashier, you would probably be very eager to make sure that your customers will take it and use it. Free advice from us: do not be too hard or too pushy in giving out the presents. If a customer simply does not want to accept the present; it’s ok. Your gesture will be noticed, regardless if your customer accepts it or not. Thereby, also don’t be too pushy on that the customers ‘’really should use the product’’ since your customers might find you intrusive which eventually can lead to a reversed effect. 

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