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Harnessing Nanotechnology for Global Challenges / Community and Alumni / Events / The University of Newcastle, Australia



Innovative approaches to translate basic nanomaterials research into real-world products are critical for our future.

Nanotechnologies can deliver successful energy, environment and health solutions – such as converting carbon dioxide into clean fuel with only sunlight and water, developing innovative devices for energy storage and conversion, and designing next-generation drug delivery system for cancer treatment.

Professor Ajayan Vinu will explore the development, capabilities, and current and future applications of nanotechnology for his personal motto of “save the world and help the people”.

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About the speaker

Growing up in a humble home in India, it was Professor Ajayan Vinu’s family who encouraged him to achieve a higher education, translating their own dreams into reality. Now a globally acclaimed material scientist and Australia’s leading nanotechnologist, Professor Vinu is driven by a personal philosophy to give back and help others.

During more than 18 years of research in Australia, Japan and Germany, Professor Vinu has honed his passion working with nanomaterials, making a tremendous contribution to exploring their development, capabilities and applications in energy generation and storage, drug delivery, carbon capture and conversion, adsorption and separation, and catalysis. The high quality of his research, innovative ideas and creativity has been recognised with many national and international awards and Fellowships.

As the University of Newcastle’s Global Innovation Chair Professor for Advanced Nanomaterials, and the inaugural Director of Global Innovative Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials, Professor Vinu is leading the charge in translating basic materials research into real-world products.

Further information on Professor Vinu’s career and achievements can be seen here

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