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Greek Prefixes Latin Prefixes English Rules And Structures


Greek Prefixes Latin Prefixes English Rules And Structures

What Are Secondary Derivaties?

Greek Prefixes

A (an), without, not;  apathy, anarchy,atheist.
Arch (archi) chief; archangel, architect,archbishop.
Apo (ap) from; apology,apostate.
Auto, self; autobiography, autograph,autocrat.

Amphi, around, on both sides; amphibious,amphitheatre.
Ana, up, back;analysis,anachronism.
Anti (ant), antipathy, antagonist,against.
Cata, down; catalogue,cataract,catastrophe.
Di, twice; dilemma.
Dia, through; diameter,diagonal.
Dys, badly; dyspepsia, dysentery.
En (em), in,; encyclopaedia, emblem.

Eu, well; eugenics,eulogy,euphony.

Ex (ec), out of; eccentric,exodus.
Epi, upon; epilogue, epitaph.
Homo (hom), like ; homonym,homogeneous.
Hyper, over, beyond ; hypercritical,hyperbole.
Hemi, half; hemisphere.
Hypo, under ; hypothesis, hypocrite.
Meta (met), implying change ; metonymy,metaphor.
Mono, alone, single ; Monopoly,monoplane.
Pan, all; panacea, panorama, pantheism.
Philo (Phil),love; philanthropy,philosophy.
Para, beside, by the side of; paradox, parasite,parallel.
Peri, round ; period, perimeter, periscope.
Pro, before; programme,prophesy.
Syn, (sym, syl, sy),with, sympathy, syllable, system,together; synonym.

Latin Prefixes

Ab, (a, abs), from, away ; abuse, avert, abstract.
Ad (ac, af, ag, al, an, ap, ar, as, at, a), to; adjoin, accord, affect, aggrieve, allege,
announce, appoint, arrest, assign, attach, avail.
Ambi (amb, am), on both sides, around; ambiguous, ambition, amputate.
Ante (anti, an), before; antedate, anticipate, ancestor.
Bene, well; benediction, benefit.
Bis, (bi, bin), twice, two; biscuit, bisect, binocular.
Circum (circu), around ; circumnavigate, circumference, circuit.
Con (col, com, cor) with, together; contend, collect, combine, correct.
Contra (counter), against; contradict, counteract, counterfeit.
Demi, half ; demigod.
De, down; descend, dethrone, depose.
Dis, (dif, di), apart; differ, divide,disjoin.
Extra, beyond, outside, of; extravagant,extraordinary.
Ex (ef, e), out of; extract, effect, educe.
In (il, im, ir, en, em), in, into; invade, illustrate, immerse, irrigate, enact, embrace.
In (il, im, ir), not; insecure, imprudent, irregular,illegal.
Inter (intro, enter), among, within; intervene, introduce, entertain.
Male (mal), ill, badly ; malevolent, malcontent.
Non, not; nonsense.
Ob (oc, of), the way of, against; object, occupy, offend.
Preter, beyond ; preternatural.
Pro (por, pur), for; pronoun, pursue,portray.
Pen, almost; penultimate, peninsula.
Per (pel), through ; pervade, pellucid.
Post, after ; postdate, postpone,postscript.
Pre, before ; prefix, prevent, predict.
Re, back, again ; reclaim, refund, renew, return.
Retro, backwards ; retrospect, retrograde.
Sine, without; sinecure.
Se (sed) ; apart; secede, separate, seduce, sedition.
Semi, half; semicircle, semicolon.
Sub (sue, suf, sug, sum, sup, sur, sus), under; subdue, succeed, suffer, suggest, summon,
support, surmount, sustain.
Subter, beneath ; subterfuge.
Super, above ; superfine, superfluous.
Trans, (tra, tres), across ; traverse, trespass,transmit.
Vice, in the place of; vice-president,viceroy.

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