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Formation Of Preposition ? Lesson No 2 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


Formation Of Preposition ? Lesson No 2 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation

2-Phrase Prepositions (Groups of words used with the force of a single preposition.

by reason of — in course of — owing to
by virtue of — in favour of — with a view to
along with — in (on) behalf of — in regard to
away from — in case of — in spite of
because of — in comparison to — instead of
by dint of — in compliance with — in the event of
by means of — in consequence of — on account of
by way of — in front of — with an eye to
conformably to — in lieu of — with reference to
for the sake of — in order to — with regard to
according to — in accordance with — in place of
agreeably to — in addition to — in reference to

3-Compound Prepositions which are generally formed by prefixing a
Preposition to a Noun, an Adjective or an Adverb.)
before, behind, below, underneath, within, without,beside, About, above, across, along, amidst, among, amongst, around,beneath, outside,between, beyond, inside.

4-The Prepositions for, from, in, on are often omitted before nouns of place or time;

Wait a minute.
We did it last week.
I cannot walk a yard.

5- What are Participial Prepositions ?

Notwithstanding, pending, regarding,barring, concerning, touching,considering, during,respecting,  and a few similar words which are present participles of verbs, are used absolutely with out any noun or pronoun being attached to them.

Examples of Participial Prepositions:
Uses of Participial Prepositions ?

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Pending further orders. Mr. Desai will act as Headmaster.
Barring accident, the mail will arrive tomorrow.

Notwithstanding (= in spite of) the resistance offered by him, he was arrested by the police.
Respecting the plan we mention, they shall write to you hereafter.
Touching (= with regard to) this matter, 1 have not as yet made up my mind.

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