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Essential TOEFL Speaking Topics

Essential TOEFL Speaking Topics

The TOEFL iBT introduces new topics for TOEFL speaking each year. To keep track of these topics, we’ve identified 45 new speaking issues that were added to the TOEFL 2019 exams and developed questions from these topics. There are even sample answers to each of the 45 topics for speaking within our practice TOEFL Speaking section.


Before we dive into the latest topics for speaking, If you’re in search of free practice for your TOEFL, hit the link below to begin a free TOEFL sample test. The test was created to appear and feel identical to the official TOEFL test.


When a student decides to pursue a degree abroad, there are lots of details they should be aware of when making preparations to be accepted into the university of their dreams. In the case of all entrance tests offered, the quizzes to test your proficiency in a language can be pretty daunting, particularly TOEFL, also known as the Test Of English as a Foreign Language. When we talk about TOEFL, the TOEFL syllabus, there’s one challenging section that is distinct from parts of the test that can be described as The English Speaking section. It consists of around four tasks in which the applicants have to present their thoughts on specific TOEFL speaking subjects and record their responses using the microphone. If you’re all set to take the TOEFL test and are looking to pass the speaking portion of the TOEFL test, This blog will provide details of some of the sought-after and anticipated TOEFL speaking topics to assist you in taking your preparations to the top of your game.

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Before we move on towards the TOEFL speaking subjects, let’s first clarify our understanding of what the TOEFL speaking section is really about. The TOEFL speaking section is about 17 to 20 minutes in length, and the test taker must complete four tasks that require them to express an opinion about a well-known subject. The score for the TOEFL speaking portion is determined by the candidate’s ability to comprehend, read to, make good use of grammar, organize time, keep notes, speak the word correctly, and various other minor aspects of evaluation.


The speaking portion is split into two major categories, which are independent tasks (Task 1.) and integrated tasks (Tasks 2-4)). Separate Tasks typically focus on a candidate’s ability to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a transparent manner. While the integrated Tasks consist of the integration of listening and reading as well as speaking. Answering integrated questions depends on how well the candidate can locate the logic or concepts in a particular lecture or text.


Let’s get started with the 45 Topics for Speaking for the TOEFL Independent Speaking Task 1!

In the remaining portion of this post, you’ll learn about 45 different TOEFL Speaking topics from independent speaking task 1. After you’ve learned about these new subjects, we’ll show you how to respond to any type of question linguistically, and you can test right here using the recorder below.

TOEFL Speaking Topics

Types of TOEFL Speaking Topics

Below are the various kinds of TOEFL topics you should be aware of:

Choose From One Option

Choose From Two Options

Explain a Campus Life Problem

Explain a Lecture

Explain an Opinion on a Campus Issue

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Explain a Lecture Topic

How to achieve 9 bands in Ielts Speaking


List of TOEFL Speaking Topics

If you’re planning to start your preparations for the TOEFL exam, it’s crucial to be aware of the subjects you will be confronted with during the test. Here are the most subjects for TOEFL that are popular to give you an idea of the kinds of questions you will be asked in the test.


Write about your teacher or guide who had the most significant positive impact on your personal life.

Do you think it is better to reward employees with different benefits for their jobs and other rewards instead of simply giving them more?

A friend from a different country is visiting you. Which tourist spots you would recommend they visit?

Remember a challenge you have overcome in your life. Tell us about the encounter.

Childhood is one of the most enjoyable times in your life. Do you think so?

Please describe any experience you’ve had at work before this.

Write about a spot in your town that you frequently go to.

Discuss a significant national holiday in your country.

What was your favorite subject at school?

What TV shows are you most interested in? Education or entertainment?

Which smartphone features will be most beneficial for students? (1) making recordings of lessons (2) watching

Write about a time in your life when you achieved the joy of success. Discuss what made it an achievement for you.

What is your most close family member? Give them a name and describe why you feel close to them.

Give a description of the main aspects of a particular cafe or restaurant you enjoy.

Do you have an occupation in which you have to join an organization?

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Write about any of the most memorable moments in your life.

“It is never too late to get a degree.” Do you agree with the statement?

Please list your favorite tourist attractions in your country or city.

If you choose a suitable roommate for you. which of the following characteristics are you looking for in a perfect roommate? (1) Friendliness (2) Cleanliness (3) Quietness

Do you think that female and male student should be in different residence halls?

Certain people would instead buy a used book, while other individuals prefer purchasing new books. Which would you choose?

What method would you prefer to work on for your final assignment? (1) the presentation, (2) making a video, (3) creating a report.

Do you agree with the idea that students should be spending more time outside the classroom rather than in the classrooms?

What do you prefer to read during your spare time? (1) Newspaper (2) magazine (3) book

If you plan to purchase a high-priced item, would you consider borrowing the cash to purchase it? Or will you keep the money and then buy the product?

What is the one thing that you’d like to revisit at least once? Define what was unique about the event.

Discuss your most enjoyable leisure activity, and then discuss what you enjoy about it.

Who is the brightest person within your circle? Give them a description and the reasons why you believe they are brilliant.

Speak about your family members and explain what kind of activities you enjoy doing with your family and its reasons.

What study aid do you depend on the most?


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