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Erectile dysfunction: Myths and Reality.


Erectile dysfunction: Myths and Reality. Myth 1. Erection problems are a problem of men over 50, sometimes they occur in younger men. Very often, the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological trauma. Men of any age are subject to this scenario, and among the young it is the most common cause of sexual problems. It is enough to fail once to develop the so-called “failure expectation syndrome”: the man next time tries to control his erection so that the blunders do not happen again. The head in this case is clearly superfluous, American sex therapists say, and they are right a thousand times. The one who expects failure gets it, a vicious circle arises. Fortunately, psychogenic impotence is absolutely reversible – sex therapists advise to take several courses of psychotraining and get a permanent partner who will not pay attention to such one-time problems. Source . Myth 2. If you have prostatitis, you are almost impotent. Advertising compulsively links chronic prostatitis with the imminent development of impotence. Therefore, after hearing such a diagnosis, men panic and begin not only to treat prostatitis, but also try to strengthen the erection. That’s where the expanse is for sellers of dietary supplements and various vacuum massagers. In reality, the situation is different: prostatitis, of course, can cause impotence, but not as often as it is written about. It is necessary to treat him, but not only for the sake of exploits in bed. Myth 3. Lack of morning erection is the first sign of impotence. All men are different, some have almost no morning erection, while they lead a full sexual life. In addition, nature has never adopted the law on mandatory erection every morning. If there is nothing wrong with an erection during sexual intercourse, but it is not there in the morning, you should not worry. If you notice that the erection weakens both in the early morning and during intimacy, it is useful to contact a specialist. Myth 4. All men after the age of 70 are incapacitated. And that’s why there is such an opinion. In part, statistics may be related to the problem of finding a suitable partner who would need it. And so pensioners are still oh-go-go. According to various authors, from 30 to 50% of those over 70 retain the form. Myth 5. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are unable to conceive children. Or they are able to produce only children with various disabilities. Studies have been conducted on this topic, which have not revealed a clear link between erectile dysfunction and a decrease in the ability to fertilize. It was indirect, but this is primarily due to impaired sperm function due to long-term chronic prostatitis and the age of men complaining of sexual weakness. Myth 6. A woman’s reaction to failure in bed is bound to be negative. According to psychologists, women who are faced with a man’s sexual weakness rarely react negatively. Rather, the maternal instinct wakes up in them, the desire to support a man who is experiencing a hard failure, calm him down and give him another chance. In addition, a woman is simply obliged to prove to herself that she causes desire in a man, and will make every effort to do so. Myth 7. Treatment is useless, erectile dysfunction is once and for all. Nowadays, there are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction – from psychotherapy and taking medications to injection methods (when the medicine is injected directly into the penis with a syringe) and penile prosthetics. Consistent application of all techniques on the principle of from less to more normalizes sexual life in 98% of men who have heard the diagnosis of “impotence”.

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