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English vocabulary with pictures: Summer – Espresso English


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Here in the U.S., we’re in the middle of summer – the hottest part of the year! Today you’ll learn some English vocabulary related to summer and hot weather, with pictures to help you remember the words.

sweat (n./v.) / sweaty  (adj.)

When the weather is hot, you will sweat a lot. You can also use the adjective form by saying “I’m sweaty.”

air conditioner

“Air conditioner” refers to the machine. We can also describe a place as being “air-conditioned” – ex. an air-conditioned hotel room.


“Fan” is the general word for this machine. One that is attached to the ceiling (top of the room) is called a ceiling fan.

shade (n.) / a shady (adj.) area

“Shade” refers to a place where the sunlight is blocked. We can also use the adjective form when talking about “a shady area.”

popsicle / ice pop

A popsicle or ice pop is a hard frozen dessert that is attached to a stick.

ice cream – two scoops on a cone

Ice cream is softer, and is usually served in scoops (balls) on a cone.

barbecue/cookout – cook food on the grill

In a barbecue or cookout, you make food on a grill.


Some grills use gas, but others use charcoal.

swimming pool & diving board

You can go to a swimming pool and jump off the diving board

water slide at a water park

A water park has big water slides and other fun activities.


This type of chair is often called a pool lounger, deck lounger, or sun lounger

swimsuit / bathing suit

Swimsuit and bathing suit are the general words for what both men and women wear at the beach/pool.

flip flops

Flip flops are great for your feet in the summer

sunscreen / sunblock

Make sure to use sunscreen/sunblock so you don’t get a sunburn!

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