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English Test Takes Delays to Leave Some on P.E.I. Trying to Meet Immigration Conditions

English Test To Meet Immigration Conditions


‘English Test has turned into a battle really to get a date to the examination.’

Some people on P.E.I. looking to become permanent residents of Canada eventually say they’re trying hard to reserve an English evaluation required to make that happen.

English Test Takes Delays to Leave Some on P.E.I.

“We’re becoming an enormous number of calls, said Allison Doughart, ” the manager of community instruction at Holland College.

“We’re fielding around three to five calls daily from individuals who are urgently hoping to find where when they can write that test.”

To acquire permanent residency in Canada, often a language test must be performed. It was developed by the British Council and is currently available in Canada, including two places around P.E.I.

Nonetheless, according to its website, new immigration programs have contributed to a substantial growth in demand, which resulted in misery.

COVID-19 Back Log

To get some, Doughart stated the clock is ticking. Should they not get their status on time, those individuals might be made to return to their own home country.

“It is a concern as a lot of people are on the timeframe.”

Doughart Reports Evaluation Administration

Doughart reported the evaluation administration was stopped on the Isle due to COVID-19. Currently, there is a backlog.

She said Holland College has applied to become an official test site but likely won’t hear back for a couple of weeks.


“We are going to have the ability to alleviate some of that backlog. In addition, students will have the ability to publish it through us.”


“There’s a terrific need,” said Doughart.

“They desire to become permanent residents eventually as well as to complete that… that they have to write that evaluation and so they pass that test.”

Karla Cabrera came on P.E.I. almost a couple of years ago in Mexico City. She studied bookkeeping technology at Holland College and is currently anticipating school day.

“It’s been challenging really to have yourself a date to that exam,” she said.

“It has been a frustrating process.”

Cabrera said she initially found a test date in August. Then, however, she would have to travel to Saskatchewan to finish something made even more complicated amid a pandemic.

“If you are a foreigner in a new country, you feel as if you’re always waiting for something to start your own new life,” she said. “I only would like to take action .”

She has procured a test date for Sept. inch in Nova Scotia.

Not alone

Classmate Sneha George said she’s facing a similar set of struggles. George is in southern India, and it has been on the Isle since September 20-19.

“I’m assessing IELTS date every day,” she explained.

George said she managed to find a romantic date, but her evaluation is in Halifax like Cabrera.

“When I have to take a day or two weeks off, it is going to influence my work agenda,” she explained.

“We’ve got to get this if we have been going through our immigration process. When we start that, we have to have inked our IELTS test.”

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