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DRUPAL Training at ITU – Information Technology University




Information Technology University / ITU Training Lahore in Collaboration with Drupak (Drupal in Pakistan) is conducting a Marathon 8 Days (56 hrs) Drupal Masterly Training.”

Who should attend?

* Developers of different software houses willing to shift to Drupal
* Freelancers
* Students
* Web Developers & Architects
* Designers & User Experience Developers
* Back-end & front-end developers
* Content authors & strategists
* Anyone willing to have career in Web Development

Now lets Answer the Question, “What is Drupal”?

DRUPAL is a well-known and award winning free, Open Source Content Management System (CMS) and framework built in PHP, the most popular Web Development language. With Drupal one can build any type of Website like University/College/Library Websites, Huge Portals, Online Shops, Government Websites, Online Advertising Websites, Online Jobs, Online Registration Websites, Business Community Websites, E-commerce Websites, Conference/Camp/Events Websites, Blogs, Forums and the list grow on.


• Drupal is an Open source (i.e Free to acquire and use)
• Rapid Website Development (Within just a few hours or days one can deliver a website as opposed to Custom PHP which will take ages)
• Thousands of Add-on Modules
• Modular Extensible Architecture
• Powerful Design Customization Options
• Multisite Management
• Thriving and helpful Development Community
• Proven Security Record
• Highly paid jobs both locally & Internationally.


Some of the World’s leading organizations using Drupal are as follows
1. Whitehouse ( and hundreds of US Government Websites
3. Cisco
4. for the Weather channel
5. Australian Government Portal
6. Indian Government Portal
7. French Government Portal
8. LUMS Pakistan
9. Harvard University
10. Stanford University
11. MIT
12. Canadian Government Data Portal
13. United Nations
14. British Council
15. Careem
17. Lamborghini
18. Tag Heuer

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And thousands of more organizations around the globe use Drupal to empower their web presence.
In Pakistan, Government of Punjab, LUMS University, Khyber Medical University Peshawar, Khyber Girls Medical College Peshawar, PICO, Mehran University and Careem all are on Drupal.


Drupal is an open source platform, which means anybody can download and use it. How great can it be? Just recently, a leading Drupal Company in the United States named Acquia and Drupal helped Cisco, a world renowned company in Computer Networks save US $400 Million which is equivalent to PKR 400,00000000 and this is no exaggeration, rather a news disclosed by CISCO and Acquia.


Drupal’s slogan itself is “Come for the software, stay for the community”. Drupal has been around since 2001 built by 98,322 Developers and used by millions. There are conferences happening every 4 months known as DrupalCons aimed at moving the Drupal framework forward. Drupal agencies and developers from all over the world attend these events. Also, there are many Drupal Camps happening every month geared to promoting and strengthening Drupal further.

8 Days (56hrs) Drupal Masterly Training;

1st Week:

18 Nov Sat – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)
19 Nov Sun – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)

2nd Week:

25 Nov Sat – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)
26 Nov Sun – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)

3rd Week:

2 Dec Sat – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)
3 Dec Sun – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)

 4th Week:

9 Dec Sat – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)
10 Dec Sun – 10am to 5pm. (7hrs)

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* Free 1 month live e-internships to our Drupal Trainees.
* Free preparation for Drupal Certifications as part of the internship.
* Subsequent jobs after interviews.

Just log on to the link mentioned below and get the day wise curriculum plus register yourselves for this amazing opportunity right away.
We have limited seats.

Learning Drupal in 8 Days is like:

Knock knock who is there?
It’s an opportunity.
A chance for you to bloom with Drupal, one of the wonders of the World.
Don’t Miss It!


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