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Diving into the World’s Strangest Professions


From slithering snake milkers to professional cuddlers, some career paths are far from ordinary. These unique jobs reveal the incredible diversity of human talents and passions while challenging perceptions of traditional occupations. Join me as I countdown the top 10 most unusual jobs you likely never heard of.

10 Unexpected Ways People Make a Living

  1. Golf Ball Diver Equipped with scuba gear, these aquatic adventurers plunge into murky golf course ponds and emerging clutching bags filled with lost spheres. An environmentally-friendly alternative to manufacturing new balls, their collections get cleaned and resold.

  2. Ash Artist Employing an intriguing intersection of art and sentiment, ash artists incorporate the cremated remains of deceased loved ones into personalized memorial keepsakes like paintings, glasswork and jewelry. Recipients treasure these one-of-a-kind tributes.

  3. Elite Escort From providing platonic companionship to attending red carpet events, elite escorts offer their time and attention to clients seeking an attractive cohort. This glamourous yet controversial role requires strong interpersonal talents and professionalism.

Eccentric Animal Guardians

  1. Ostrich Babysitter With fluffy feathers yet powerful kicks, growing ostriches require patient and fearless caretakers. Ostrich babysitters nurture the chicks by providing food, protection and clean enclosures until mature enough for the herd.

  2. Snake Milker Extracting venom from lethal serpents like cobras and rattlesnakes makes snake milking a heart-pounding occupation. With specialized tools and steady hands, venom can be collected and used for medicinal research and antivenom production.

Nose Heroes: Scents and Sensitivity

  1. Perfumier Renowned for their refined sense of smell, perfumers rely on their noses to identify subtle aroma nuances. Blending science and artistry, they create memorable fragrances hoping to capture olfactory magic in a bottle.

  2. Odor Judge Assessing the effectiveness of deodorants, mouthwashes and other hygiene products, odor judges utilize their sensitive schnozes to smell test subjects before and after trying experimental items. An iron-clad stomach also comes in handy.

The Emotional Support Network

  1. Professional Mourner In some cultures, sorrowful cries are seen as a sign of respect. Professional mourners tap into grief’s deepest aches, publicly expressing anguish through wails and songs on behalf of the deceased’s family. Their emotive elegies aim to help bring closure.

  2. Professional Cuddler Offering non-sexual yet intimate comfort to lonely souls, professional snugglers envelop clients in cozy hugs releasing feel-good endorphins. For those lacking human touch, tender tête-à-têtes with empathetic listeners can be therapeutic.

Dream Jobs Do Exist

  1. Lego Master Builder Designing jaw-dropping sculptures from tiny plastic bricks takes serious skills. Lego Master Builders first endure rigorous selection processes before entering intensive apprenticeship programs studying advanced construction techniques. Their creative careers culminate crafting iconic installations in Legoland theme parks and stores worldwide.

From embracing ostriches to sniffing stenches, people transform eccentric interests into unusual, sometimes misunderstood, occupations. But whether producing snake antivenom or snuggling anxious adults, these niche roles highlight the impressive diversity of human passions while challenging stereotypical workplace expectations.


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