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Different Uses Of Preposition ? Lesson No 4 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


Different Uses Of Preposition ? Lesson No 4 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation

Where at,till,on,beside,in,since,with

12-The accompanying Prepositions require extraordinary notification:

(I)Alongside implies at (or by) the side of while other than implies notwithstanding; as,

  1. Other than being fined, he was condemned to a term of detainment.
  2. Be mindful so as not to use adjacent to for other than.
  3. Adjacent to the ungathered rice he lay.
  4. Other than his youngsters, there were available his nephews and nieces.


(ii)We use in with the names of avenues and at when we give the house-number.

  1. He lives in Gear Street.
  2. He inhabits 51 Gear Street.


(iii)We can use in or at with the names of urban communities, towns or towns. Much of the time in is utilized. We use in when we are discussing a spot as a region; we use at when we consider it to be a point.

  1. Our plane halted on Mumbai while in transit to Iran.


    We remained in Mumbai for five days.

  3. To what extent have you lived right now?


(iv)We use at to discuss bunch exercises and shops/work environments.

There weren’t numerous individuals at the gathering.

  1. Did you see Shobha at the gathering?
  2. I saw him at the baker’s.


(v)With regularly indicates the instrument and by the operator; as,

They were wounded by a police with an overwhelming stick.

They executed three creatures with one shot.

(vi) In before a thing signifying a timeframe, implies toward the finish of; inside methods previously the finish of; as,

  1. They will come in two hours.
  2. We will go in 60 minutes.
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(vii) We use on when we think about a spot as a surface.

  1. The feline is perched on the seat.
  2. Keep finger on your mouth.


(viii) Till is utilized of time and to is utilized of spot; as

  1. He rested till eight o’clock.
  2. He strolled as far as possible of the road.


(ix)Since is utilized before a thing or expression meaning some purpose of time, and is gone before by an action word in the ideal tenses; as,


  1. I have eaten nothing since yesterday.
  2. He has been sick since Monday last.
  3. I have not been smoking since a week ago.

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