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Comparison Of Adverbs Lesson no 4 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation


Comparison Of Adverbs Lesson no 4 English Grammar Ielts Exams Preparation

A few Adverbs

The (There, thither, thereupon, at that point, in this manner)

Who (where, whither, whence, when, how)

He (here, here, thus, … … , … )

Examination Of Adverbs

1-If the Adverb is of one syllable, we structure the Comparative by completion er, and the

Superlative by including est, to the Positive; as,

Quick – quicker – quickest

Haid – harder – hardest

Long – longer – longest

Before long – sooner – soonest

Rama ran quick. (Positive)

Arjun tan quicker. (Similar)

Hari ran quickest of all. (Superlative)

2-Some Adverts, similar to Adjectives, have three degrees of examination. Such Adverbs are

by and large analyzed like Adjectives.

3-Some of the commonest Adverbs structure their Comparative and Superlative Degrees


Positive – Comparative – Superlative

Sick, seriously – more regrettable – most exceedingly terrible

Well – better – best

Much – more – most

Little – less – least

(Near), close – closer – closest/next

Far – (father, further) – (most remote, farthest)

4-It will be seen that lone Adverbs of Manner, Degree, and Time concede to


Numerous Adverbs, from their temperament, can’t be looked at; as,

Presently, at that point, where, there, once.

5-Adverbs finishing off with ly structure the Comparative by including more and the Superlative by

including most; us.

Quickly – all the more quickly – most quickly

Skilfully – all the more handily – most skilfully

Rashid Ikraam read skilfully. (Positive)

Rashid Ikraam read more skilfully than Abdul (Comparative)

Of all the eleven Rashid Ikraam read most skilfully. (Superlative)