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POPULAR SPEAKING QUESTIONS | Ielts popular speaking questions ,examiner asks about studies question , you must be relevant to your question while answers,there are given 5 common popular speaking questions.

Popular Speaking Questions

Ielts speaking hot topic “Hometown”,there are given below many questions related to hometown ,what kind of questions examiners can ask from Ielts students,they are listed below to help you understand them and practice them in your own answers .Practice them and have a lot of different answers would make you expert in “Hometown” topic.

Hometown | questions in ielts speaking test | Popular Speaking Questions

Questions with answers related to hometown queries are listed below:
These answers are just idea elaborating ,you can answer in you own style of think.

  1. Question:It is my pleasure if you tell me about your hometown ? or Where do you come from? or Where do you live?
    Answer:Sure, it is welcome that the hometow where i live is Sydney Northern Area(Supposed place).This is very beautiful area and everywhere i find peace.
  2. Question:What was it like growing up there?
    Answer:I remember everything from my childhood that it is very to growing up there as people of my town are very lively and happy persons .They care for each other .They are very helpful and generous and help a great if anyone needs help of any kind.
  3. Question:What is the oldest place in your hometown?
    Answer:Alittle but beautiful island namely Green Land Icy Island(Supposed Place) is oldest place in our hometown.Poeple love to visit it on weekend days.It is public place and opens between specific time i.e.7AM to 7 Pm.
  4. Question:What is there for a foreigner to do or see in your hometown? or What’s the most interesting part of your town/village?
    Answer:Sure , as i have explained before Green Land Icy Island is worth seeing place in our hometown .Many foreigners from all over the world specially from United states of America and Newzealand come to visit here and enjoy themselves.
  5. Question:How could your hometown be improved?
    Answer:It is not worthless to say that Local Government of our hometown has taken very ahead steps to improve the lifestyle of our hometown ,as it is place for foreigners visitors worth seeing place ,they have made tremendous progressive steps to raise the standard of people living there and open new business there to attract foreigners more.
    Anyhow Muncipal Authority is on its way to facilitate every citizen of our hometown and near to point of view ,the higher education facilities must be given to every one and national highway somewhere goes broken for about 6 months as this is very main road of our hometown , local government should focus on main road and must make a future road plan strategy to redevelop or rebuild it on urgent basis whenever it needs repair.
  6. Question:Can you tell me something about your hometown?
    Answer:Very pleasurable thing about my hometown is it has standards of living and all people of my hometown are always ready to help each other and Government
    Institutes like schools ,colleges and univerisities etc. are playing very healthy role in making students responsible citizens of this country.
  7. Question:Has your hometown changed much since you were a child?
    Answer:Yes, since my childhood ,many changes have been taken place in my hometown as the system of electricity ,system of water , sewerage and drainage ,system of food check and balance have been improved a great length.Now people are more consious of their living style.
  8. Question:What kind of jobs do the people in your town/village do?
    Answer:It is worth mentioning thing to say local Government is taking acation to set up local business there in our hometown to facilitate local people there and to open new job opportunities for people ,local Government has been setting up businesses there to raise standard of trade in our home town.
  9. Question:Would you say it’s a good place to live? (why?)
    Answer:Sure, it is very good place to live in as everwhere there is greenary and lot of fresh air is availabe every time.The atmosphere of my hometown is free from pollution and no kind of commercial and domestic factories are located in my hometown.
  10. Question:Tell me about the kind of accommodation you live in?
    Answer:I live in a house owned by my parents and it has very open air system .My parents are living there since my childhood ,they had been inherited with this house from their parents.My house atmosphere is also very lively and delicious one.
  11. Question:How long have you lived there?
    Answer:Since i was born there and i have been living there at present.
  12. Question:Can you tell me some famous landscapes or scenic spots in your hometown?
    Answer:Yes, it is my pleasure to explain you about my hometown famous landscapes like King Fort,Old legendary place where our past rulers lived their lives ,it has very historic legends stories there , it reminds us how our rulers lived the standard of life ,really it is very historical place to visit.People tend to visit it whenever they want mental relaxation from their works,they take pics from cameras and save them for happy monumental remembering.Other famous landscape namely Public Science Museum, very mentioning place ;it is really consists of arts and science masters piece and their workings how they achieved their life missions.
    It has very big science library you may call it public science library ,it has open registration with just few formalities to avoid any mess.Poeple get a lot of knowledge by borrowing books from this library.
  13. Question:Can you tell me some history of your hometown?
    Answer:It has history of 200 years after when the foreign rulers developed it and handed over to local governments on insisting of people desires.
  14. Question:What do you like about living there?
    Answer:It is very joyful in living happy environment of polite persons.
  15. Question:What sort of accommodation would you most like to live in?
    Answer:Every house in our hometown is more closer to nature so it i prefer to live in a house where about green weaving lush trees are there and fresh air we are intake.
  16. Question:Is there good public transportation in your hometown?
    Answer:Yes, there is good public transportation in our hometown ,it never delays , it comes on time and departures on time.
  17. Question:What type of place is it?
    Answer:Our home has four seasons like spring,autumn,winter and summer , all season have their own natural effects on our hometown.Really it is great to live in here with exclusive effects of fours seasons.
  18. Question:What is your hometown like?
    Answer:Yes, i can call it a domestic hometown where there is no business activities ,people prefer to get asleep at night soon and wake up early in the morning .


Studies Related Questions | Popular Speaking Questions

Question:Please tell me about your studies ?
Answer:I have done my BSCS with cgpa 3.60 from University Government of India.I have got this cgpa with help of my teachers in my study matters.Teaching staff was there very hard working and devoted one.
Question:Why did you choose that particular course?
Answer:As i had been using computer for many years since my childhood as first my father had bought for me and in the beginning , i played games there on computer ,with my growth, i began to learn new things on Internet and this inspired me great on my personal desires and future planning to be in this field.That ‘s why i studied for BSCS after my intermediate from Dehli Intermediate board.
Question:What job would you like when you have completed all your studies?
Answer:Yes, definitely i will do job relevant to my field of computer and personally i would start research work on computers also and will do move to my PHD studies.
Question:Do you get on with your colleagues?
Answer:I had few friends in my college life and we were very best friends with one another.We studied together after our classes were over and at present we meet after on weekends.
Question:What was your first day like?
Answer:It was my happiest day in my life as i left school life and entered into my college life.I remember “My first day at college” when old students of second year and higher classes welcome us at our first day of college.They inspired us to learn with devotion to be a responsible citizen of our country.
Question:What are the main aspects of your subject?
Answer:The main aspects of my subject to implement new ways of technology specially it is the field of artificial intelligence wherein man gets a lot of convenience from modern technology.
Question:If you had the chance, would you change subject?
Answer:No,definitely not.As for about 12 years ,i have great inspirations from this subject , computer.
Question:Do you plan to get a job in the same field as your subject?


Answer:Yes,personally speaking, i will do job in the same field as i already explained to you after getting job in the same field, i will do research work on computer i.e.artificial intelligence.

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