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Climax, Anticlimax, Transferred Epithet, Litotes, Interrogation And Exclamation English Poetry Grammar Lesson 4


Climax, Anticlimax, Transferred Epithet, Litotes, Interrogation And Exclamation English Poetry Grammar Lesson 4


Figures of Speech may be classified as Climax, Anticlimax, Transferred Epithet, Litotes, Interrogation, And Exclamation

14- Climax: Climax (Gk. Klimax = a ladder) is the arrangement of a series of ideas in the order of increasing importance.

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Examples Of Climax:

(i) In action, how like an angel!

(ii) In apprehension, how like a god!

(iii) What a piece of work is the man!

(iv) How noble in wisdom, how infinite in faculties!

(v) Simple, erect, severe, austere, sublime.

15- Anticlimax: Anticlimax is the opposite of Climax-a sudden descent from higher to

lower. It is chiefly used for satire or ridicule.

Examples Of Anticlimax:

(i)And thou, Dalhousie, the great god of war, Lieutenant-Colonel to the Earl of Mar.

(ii)Here thou, excellent Anna! Whom three realms obey, Dost counsel take-and sometimes tea.

16- Transferred Epithet: An epithet is transferred from its proper word to

another that is closely associated with it in the sentence.

Examples Of Transferred Epithet:

(i). A lackey OF an obsequious cup of coffee.

(ii) He passed a sleepless night.

(iii). The ploughman homeward plods his weary way.

17- Litotes: In Litotes, an affirmative is conveyed by the negation of the opposite; the effect suggests an intense expression using a weaker. It is the opposite of Hyperbole.

Examples Of Litotes:

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(i) I am not a little (= much) surprised.

(ii) We are a citizen of no mean (= a very celebrated) city.

(iii). The man is no fool (= brilliant).

18- Interrogation: Interrogation is the asking of a question not for the sake of getting an

the answer, but to put a point more effectively.

This part of speech is also known as Rhetorical Question because a question is asked

merely for the sake of rhetorical effect.

Examples Of Interrogation:

(i) Shall I wasting in despair.

(ii) Die because a woman’s fair?

(iii) Who are here so vile that will not love their country?

(iv) Am I my brother’s keeper?

19- Exclamation: In this figure, the exclamatory form is used to draw greater attention

to a point than a mere bald statement of it could do.

Examples Of Exclamation:

(i) O what a fall was there, my men!

(ii) What a piece of work is the man!

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