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Classes of Conjunctions Lesson no 2 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation


Classes of Conjunctions Lesson no 2 Basic English Grammar Ielts Grammar Preparation

Definition: A Co-ordinating Conjunction consolidates clauses of equal rank.

7-The central Co-ordinating Conjunctions are:-

Nor, likewise, either-or, not one or the other nor,and, be that as it may, for, or.

8-As we will see Conjunctions are isolated into two classes:

Co-ordinating and Subordinating | ‘Co-ordinating’ methods for equal rank’

The sentence contains two Independent statements or two statements of equal rank or significance. Thus the Conjunction combining these two statements or clauses of equal rank is known as a Coordinating Conjunction .

Peruse the sentence:

Young men play and young ladies move.

9-Co-ordinating Conjunctions are of four sorts:

(I) Adversative which express resistance or contrast between two statements; as,

He is slow, however he is certain. I was irritated, still I stayed silent. I would come ; just that I am locked in. He was good; just he was exhausted.

(ii) Disjunctive or Alternative which express a decision between two other options; as,

She should sob, or she will bite the dust.

(iii) Cumulative or Copulative which just add one explanation to another; as,

(iv)Neither a borrower, nor a loan specialist be.

(v)Either he is frantic, or she will pass on.

10-Illative which express a derivation; as,

All insurances probably been ignored, for the plague spread quickly.

Something positively fell in: for I heard a sprinkle.

11-Any of the Co-ordinating Conjunctions, except for or, nor, might be excluded and its place taken by a comma, semicolon, or colon; as,

Alexa went out to play; Lucy remained in to work.

12-Subordinating Conjunction

Definition of Subordinating Conjunction

The sentence contains two statements or clauses one of which, ‘since it intrigues me’, is reliant on the other. Thus the Conjunction presenting the needy or subordinate

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provision is known as a Subordinating Conjunction.

Another definition of Subordinating Conjunction

A Subordinating Conjunction joins a provision to another on, which it depends for its full importance.

I read the paper since it intrigues me.

13-The word than is likewise a Subordinating Conjunction:-

Akram is more idiotic than Alexa (is moronic).

He is taller than I (am tall).

I like you superior to he (prefers you).

I like you superior to (I like) him.

Her bark is more awful than his nibble (is terrible).

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