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Buenos Aires and its exquisite food?


The capital of Argentina is a fabulous city that has absolutely everything. Incredible walks, beautiful places, a great theatrical and literary proposal, a fascinating architecture, and unique gastronomy.

For all these reasons, Buenos Aires is one of the most visited cities in the world by tourists who come from different countries intending to get to know its most representative sites and try the most exquisite dishes.

But there is something that you should consider when traveling to Buenos Aires: the language.

If you travel to this city, you should know that the language will be essential. If you do not learn Spanish, it is best to attend a Spanish language school in Buenos Aires, and if you want more information about it, you should click here.

The Argentine language

Spanish is indeed spoken in Argentina, but it is also true that Argentines include their own words in their language.

For this reason, it will not be easy to be able to interact with them if you do not know their language. Therefore, the recommendation is that you can take Spanish classes at a Spanish school in Buenos Aires.

In this way, with teachers at your disposal, everything will be much easier. You will learn the language in question while walking the streets of this great city with a lot to offer you.

In this way, you will be able to spend a lot of your days in the city, interpreting what the locals tell you, what they tell you on tour, and also being able to interact in a bar or restaurant.

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The language will be critical in your stay in Buenos Aires; therefore, the best advice is that you are prepared for this.

Argentinian food

Visiting Buenos Aires will also mean that you sit down to eat in different places where you can try very outstanding foods.

The typical menu of Argentina is the asado. Roast meat can be accompanied by French fries, mashed potatoes, or salads. Without a doubt, it is something that you should try when you are in Argentina.

We must also talk about the typical milanesas that Argentines eat constantly. They can be milanese beef or chicken. The milanesa can be eaten on the plate, with French fries, or you can also eat a milanesa sandwich.

What is locro? The locro is another of the traditional foods that Argentina has. The locro is a menu that consists of bacon, sausage, beans, corn, onion, leek, and pumpkin, among other things. All this is seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano.

You can also find and eat the famous alfajores. This exquisite sweet is very rich, and you can eat it for breakfast, snacks, or dessert.

And a great souvenir that you can take with you from Argentina will be the dulce de leche. This exquisite delicacy can perfectly accompany bread, toast, or cakes and is significant for Argentines.

Visit Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city that has absolutely everything. On the one hand, you will see the central attraction, the Obelisk, the monument located on nine de Julio Street.

You can also visit the famous Plaza de Mayo, surrounded by the Casa Rosada, the Government House of Argentina. There are also the Cabildo and the Cathedral of the City of Buenos Aires.

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Another of the places you should visit is the Teatro Colón, for example. In addition, on Avenida Corrientes, you can see many highly relevant theaters, such as the Gran Rex and the Opera theater.

On Corrientes Avenue itself, the bookstores are also a point of attention that will make everyone stop looking at some other book’s pages.Another essential destination in the city of Buenos Aires is Luna Park. This mythical site is the home of Argentine boxing. The great world champions were formed there, who also entered the ring in that same place. Today it has been readapted and is also used for music recitals.

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