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Big Data Science Changes Education


We live in a digital world. Our daily working day starts with our devices and then we say good morning. Our devices entered our life and own a huge part of them. It is impossible to imagine today’s life without smartphones or laptops. They connect us to the world’s information. Our devices help us to rest as well. When you are bored or tired you are opening a game or movie and chill. You can try Bet22 to test your luck and feel the adrenaline. 

     New Trends

       Previously, specialties changed every few generations. If your great-grandfather was a blacksmith, then this meant that your father was a blacksmith and you yourself would also be a blacksmith. Nowadays, a person changes his profession several times in his life. Many professions simply disappear, others are transformed beyond recognition, and people have to retrain. The request for mass retraining is on the agenda, but at the same time, learning technologies have not changed fundamentally for several centuries.

        The same things happened in the education sphere. At school, we were forced to write with a special pen and believed that children under the 4th grade should never use a ballpoint pen. As for now, it would never occur to anyone. But it is necessary to include new technologies in communication; without them, children are not interested in learning. “Put away the iPhone, hide the tablet” is like asking a child to start scratching a notebook with a pen.

      Big Data

       Using big data, we must learn how to present the material in such a way that it would be interesting for a person to learn. In other areas of life such as finance, retail, and insurance big data has been used for a long time. We know that those who like classical music like to eat for lunch, and what kind of car a family with two children and a dog will buy. In retail, it all started with the IT director of the Walmart chain of stores, who relied on big data and identified important patterns. For example, the fact that beer should be on the shelf next to chips is obvious. Though one day, while analyzing checks, he discovered that on Friday night beer should be sold along with diapers. And it really worked.

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        In education, you can do the same. Identify patterns and use them. The school system traditionally has a student, a teacher, and conditional forms of knowledge control. But it is possible to develop such algorithms that will allow you to create an information image of the student and teacher, personalize the learning process, and control in detail all stages of mastering the material. Learning will be similar to lessons with a tutor, only the tutor will be a computer. We are building a platform that takes various data from the student and understands how a particular person learns.

       If we can fix where the student is wrong, what he decides quickly, and what he solves slowly when he is distracted, then we can draw up a detailed portrait of him. The system itself decides which task to offer and recognizes when the student is distracted or tired.

Some Bits of Advice 

       You can’t think as it wasn’t like that in my childhood! There weren’t many things in your childhood. If a child enjoys playing on an iPhone or iPad, there is nothing to worry about. You should just make sure that there is also educational content there.

      Parents should not shift all the responsibility for a good education onto the school. School is just an instrument. It is the parents who should take care of the additional education of the child and choose how to use different instruments in order to provide the necessary knowledge. 

       Additional educational content does not have to be free. If earlier parents bought different scientific magazines for their children, now there is nothing wrong with installing a paid application for a child.

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       You need to treat children the way intelligent electronic systems do. Do not give the child too easy tasks so that he does not lose interest, and do not give too difficult tasks so that he does not become disappointed in himself.

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